Friday, August 14, 2009

Stress Rush

I was telling Erika that I woke up this morning with something akin to a "sugar rush" but it is certainly not from sugar. I think it's a "stress rush" ... but it isn't a negative feeling at all. It is a feeling of accomplishment in the midst of a crazy amount of work that needed to be created on an expedited timeline (unreasonable timeline, lol) to help boost lagging projections of one of our clients. I think it feels so good because it feels sort of how a firefighter must feel. I'm helping save that company and it's employees from the blasted economy! Woo!

Alright, it's nothing as wonderful as what firefighters do but hey, I'm in advertising and this economy is much like a raging inferno right now.

So, gettin' her done is making me feel great. Being able to look and see that I designed 21 out of the 24 pieces that are due by end of today and all that is left is to design the remaining 3 and animate all 24, that feels great.

Checking my email this morning and having emails from the team praising me, that feels great. One guy even said that it feels like Christmas for the web team (I'm designing online banner advertising). That feels great.

AND the scale let me know that I'm down to 176 this morning. That feels GREAT. :)

But bummer, my boss just walked by and when I said goodmorning he said "Hi Oct" in a ho-hum voice that takes all the great feelings and dumps them in the trash can of worries about my own job security.

No time to worry, must finish creating and animating the rest of these ads. :)

And tomorrow is my up-it day–a bit more carbs and cals to hopefully shake up the metabolism in preparation for another upcoming week of food deprivation on my way to 175!.

Oh, and I placed an ebay bid on a Mr. Machine. :D I used to have one of these when I was a kid and I'm doing a design next week that will involve a gear-head man ... which made me dream about Mr. Machine. I spent the drive to work trying to remember it's name. Surprisingly I did!

~well, the "stress rush" high is over and I'm in the doldrums again. I got a call at noon letting me know that the client just communicated that they will get back to us with feedback on the static (non-animated) banner compositions next Monday or Tuesday. That leaves me to wonder why I was under deadline to have the animations done today. So, the projects are now on hold until we get client feedback. Basackwards scheduling for sure. Ah well. Everyone is in a hurry to please this client so I understand wanting to have all of the animation done before they even have time to review the static comps. If there are no changes we would be way ahead of the game.


  1. Well maybe this will help you feel cheerie again. I'm forever amazed at anyone who can design anything on the web. I'm hopeless! I can't even do a button for my blog! That you could knock out that many banners is killer! Don't let the man get ya down, either. Bosses can cary a heavy load (some times a smelly one too) and maybe he was just having a bad day. Good luck on the journey to health. I'm there with ya!

  2. Thanks DiPaola. I'm happy that you commented and appreciate the pep talk.

  3. Oct,

    Just dropping by to wish you and Cro a stress-free weekend. I've been feeling a lot of stress lately too. I'm hoping this weekend will be the remedy.

    Take good care.


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