Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too few calories I guess

Okay, THIS ARTICLE has me scared. I don't want to be 175 and eating 600 calories per day forever. I am going to eat a can of tuna right now and slowly start my way up to eating 1100 calories a day again. I really hate my stubborn body. Increasing carbs is not an option though. I completely believe in low carb.


  1. Have you thought about incorporating an exercise regimen. You're down to eating as little as a human can possibly eat...

  2. I also believe in low carb. Wow, only 600 calories per day. That has to be hard to do. I am finally losing again at 1000-1200. I had to up my calories to 1500 for several months thinking I might give my metabolism a jump start. Don't know if it worked or that I reduced the calories back to 1000 to 1200 and stopped eating so much fruit.
    We are a work in progress, I think we always need to change the plan as long as we stick with the basics like the carb deal.
    You are doing great!!

  3. Marjie - you are so right, we are a work in progress and have to be ready to change as our bodies change. You are a big inspiration to me and one of the reasons I started restricting calories along with low carb. :) I think your 1000-1200 is what is going to be better for me too.

    Jack - yup. :) I do as much cardio as my gimp MS will tolerate. I have often thought about getting my former body-builder husband to work with me on weight training, but I haven't made that commitment yet.

  4. Getting your hubby to work with you on weight training sounds like a great idea! Muscle burns cals too, as you know, so more of it means you can have more cals. So hopefully you can increase them without too many problems. :)


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