Wednesday, August 5, 2009

treading water in new blue jeans

A little on the blah side today regarding my weight loss efforts. Still 178.5 and hoping to lose a pound by my Saturday morning weigh-in. I've been eating ultra low calorie all this week and keeping the carbs low too. I guess I can fool my metabolism and it probably is slowing down to conserve energy or some crazy thing. I can either play the reactionary and change something or I can hold steady with what I've been doing this week and see if perseverance will win. I suppose I will be stubborn for a few more days and see if I can starve that pound out of hiding.

I visited Sam's Club last night and picked up a pair of Smith's jeans in size 10. They fit and aren't a bit tight so now I wish I could return the size 12's. This brand is in no way accurate to my Gap and Tommy jeans. The Tommy size 14's are about the same as the Smith's size 10's ... maybe. The Tommy jeans gap in the back whereas the Smith's jeans don't gap but they feel stretchy (well, they are stretchy) and not tight at all. If anyone would like a pair of new Smith's jeans in 14, worn and washed once, let me know and we can arrange a trade for something.

Hell's Kitchen was last night. I'm not really connecting with any of the contestants other than Robert this time. Robert went ballistic last night in the face of co-contestant critisism. That was fun to watch and I was smiling to see him stand up for himself (well, more like bounce around having a tantrum like a gorilla). Good for him! Robert is a very large guy for those who don't watch the program and don't know. He's also a great chef, great personality, full of energy, very driven, meticulous, known to make hilarious comments and I like him lots.


  1. Was Hell's kitchen always on tuesdays? I thought it was on Thursdays, at least now I know why I keep missing it.

  2. hang in there you are doing great and the weight will leave sooner or later...

  3. Sadeka - yep, it's always been Tuesdays. Stinks that you've been missing it, it's my fav show right now.

    Carlos - I have good scale news to post today! Thanks for the encouragement.


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