Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday night recap

Yesterday flew by. I ate my last Atkins bar at 4:45ish so I wouldn't be hungry at the movie. The movie (Ponyo) was so very very cute. We both loved it. It's nice to escape to an innocent world of childhood, even if only for a couple of hours. I keep coming back to how very empowering and hopeful the message was. It has carried on with me today even though I left those feelings behind when I progressed into double digits of age. Oh to be five again and to be certain that my presence in this world is one of significance and purpose.

Oddly I noticed a cut on my index finger this morning after I was finished getting ready for work. That immediately brought the movie to mind, magic to my imagination, and a smile to my face. You'd have to see the movie to know what I mean. :)

I upped my calories yesterday and it didn't hurt me one bit. I think I'm safe in that I didn't let the 600 calorie days go on long enough to stall my metabolism. Knock on wood. That article I posted a link to yesterday really shook me up. I told Cro about it and of course he was slightly hurt that he's been telling me that all along but it takes reading it from a total stranger to wake me up. In actuality it was reading about a real-life example and seeing that it would take her 3 months and a planned weight gain to start correcting what she had done by eating so few calories for so long. I know that what Cro was telling me was right and I told him so even when I decided to try it for awhile anyway. Hey, I was losing weight again so no harm no foul. :) The prospect of getting stuck at 175 while only eating 600 calories per day was a dismal thought, so time to fix that! My goal is now carbs in the 40's or below and calories at right around 1100ish.

My jeans are a bit looser than usual today so I'm still hoping to see 174 by Saturday morning. Oh! And when Matt saw me he said that I'm looking very slim. We haven't seen each other in at least a couple of months (probably more like three months) so it was cool to hear him say that I'm looking slim. He's not a person to give false flattery so I can trust that he meant it. yay

Dang it, I just noticed that I overwrote my Tuesday menu with today's menu. *sigh* Okay, I can recap yesterday's menu here:

Tuesday Menu (from memory)
[16][210ish] Healthy Shake
[11][180] Atkin coconut bar
[22][360] 2 Atkins bars
[0][80] 1 can of tuna
TOTAL: [49 carbs][830 calories]

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  1. Has it really been three months since you've seen Matt? Sheesh! I remember you blogging about that and it doesn't seem like that long! Time is flying!

    Hope you make the 174 mark by Saturday! :-)


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