Monday, August 31, 2009

two eggsellent days

I'm thinking about doing something like this for the next couple of days (Tuesday and Wednesday). I was reading about the Atkins egg fast and although I think I'd feel very sick of eating nothing but eggs, below is a modification that I think I could do short term. Pfft, I could do just about anything for two days but this would make me feel less deprived.

Breakfast: Protein shake with an egg mixed in.
Lunch: Two boiled eggs
Dinner: Two eggs with pan seared deli turkey slices or 3oz of other meat (roast beef comes to mind since Cro just made some)

- Also salt
- Black pepper
- Cayenne pepper

So basically
5 eggs
3oz turkey
protein shake


  1. Oh my! You will starve to death! (or I would).
    There's no way I could drink a raw egg. Good luck with that.

  2. I'm sure I'll be hungry. :) That doesn't bother me too much anymore.

  3. Do you think you'd have better luck with Atkins' fat fast?


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