Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Menu

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BREAKFAST - 17carb/189cal
[0][0] 2 oz purified water and ice cubes
[6][28] 2 sugarfree philly swirl ice cream pops
[3][60] soft tofu
[0][5] 1 pinch of xanthan gum
[1][5] 1 tbsp dark cocoa
[3][21] 1 scoop Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood drink powder
[4][70] 1 scoop "Whey to Go" vanilla bean whey protein powder
[0][0] dash of organic vanilla extract
[0][0] dash of organic hazelnut extract
[0][0] dash of organic chocolate extract
[0][0] stevia
I visited the whole foods shop last night because I used the last of my Jarrow whey protein powder (omg, I need it for my morning shake!). I was also running low on various extracts. This morning's shake featured some of the new products I purchased. I had high hopes for the tofu but I don't think it added much to the shake other than extra calories. Ah well, it was worth a try. Today's shake was a lackluster attempt at creating Nutella flavor. This is the first shake I couldn't finish.

LUNCH - 11carb/180cal
[11][180] Atkins coconut bar (I feel the hunger pangs already.)

DINNER - 1.5carb/270cal
probably this:
[0][60] 3oz deli chicken
[1.5][210] 3 slices of baby swiss

TOTAL - 29.5carb/639cal

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