Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap & Restarting my Engines

It's Monday again and the sh*tload of work that I was to complete by EOD last Friday was put on hold at the last moment (after I'd done almost all of it) and will now be rethought and reworked this week. I'm cool though. Second time around should go even faster and if not, at least it is the comfort of repetition I suppose. :)

That's advertising for you.

I'm mourning the end of a fabulous and too fast weekend. We ate outdoors at Brugge in Broadripple again. We have become familiar faces to the staff there and it's fun to be greeted warmly by people who know our likes and our usual orders. The server raised a hand from across the room and said "Coke and unsweetened iced tea!" with a big smile. I got a roast duck confi sandwich (and discarded the bread even though it's an up-day for my carbs). It was good, pulled duck meat (Cro said it looked and tasted like pulled pork), dried cherries (they weren't dry like raisins, they were still plumpish), lambic compote (not sure what that is), crispy fried leek (oh YUM!) and spicy mustard. I asked if the chef would mind if I had the mustard on the side and the server emphatically said that would not be a problem at all!. I don't tend to like mustard much so that made me very happy. Overall, the sandwich (or "un"wich since no bread) was very good but didn't hold a candle to my favorite dish, the carbonnade flamonde. I'll get the carbonnade flamonde next Saturday if we go.

Cro ordered steak and eggs, which he said was very good. With both entrées we had frites (fries) with sea salt, pepper and our choice of dipping sauces. I chose hot curry and horseradish. Both spicy in different ways and very good. Cro stuck with his favs, Poplar Syrup with French Dijon and Blue Cheese.

I ordered a Nutella Crepe as a finalé. Cro just asks for a refill of Coke while I eat dessert. I always offer to share but not being big on desserts he always turns me down. That's too bad because Nutella is to die for. It makes a week of strict deprivation so worth it to know I have that one "cheat" meal to look forward to on Saturday. It's working for me so no complaints here! On to another week of deprivation! *a dreamy smile flits across my face as I think about next Saturday*

Today is shaking out to be less work than I expected with a huge looming storm of work on the horizon of next week. My new philosophy has been to not stress too much about things to come. I still work in expectation of easing the load of that "not here yet" stuff though. Small emergencies tend to pop up every day as the hours roll on so I'm sure the assessment of "less" will be a fleeting daydream as it gets closer to afternoon.

Dad's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'm tripping that August is half over already. Cro told me last night that he read that Farmer's Almanac predicts that summer (warmer and nice) weather is over after this week and that an unusually cold and wet winter is soon on the way. BOO :(


  1. Don't stress too much about things to come! Right!
    When you have true skill and confidence you can handle the little things that come up without getting *out of whack* over them!

  2. Oct,

    Please give this a look when you have the chance:

    My best to you and Cro!

  3. Thanks Anne, Carlos and Harry!

    That article was VERY interesting to me. Carlos, go low carb and you can have steak and eggs every day. :) I don't think fries are "allowed" on any plan, but I eat them once a week anyway. It helps when I call them "frites" and pretend they are different, right? hehe


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