Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wonders walks and weight goals

Today is wonderful. Early morning Saturday exudes it's own warm smile. Speaking of warm, it is supposed to be in the mid-to-high 90s today. I never never ever thought I would look forward to such hot weather, but after losing 100+ pound I revel in the heat. Oh!!! I wrote the entire Fat Blaster report below and haven't even thought about this, but it was SIGNIFICANT for me so I'm telling. Most of you will think this is no big deal, but believe me, it was for me.

I have MS as most of you who have followed me for the past year know. If I walk two blocks I can do so at a normal gait. At the end of those two blocks I will start feeling "foot drop" coming on as the signals to my leg muscles start to skip out of the nerves where my immune system has stripped the myelin which insulates them.

Here is a very good explanation of myeline and demyelination if you are interested in learning more. I don't have ALL of the symptoms listed btw, those are just examples of some of the things that COULD be effected. MS is not a disease that stands still so things can also come and go. I'm primarily stuck with less balance than the norm and foot drop, limping when I walk too far. I've also experienced optic issues, double vision, vertigo, numbness in hands and legs, and short-term speach impairment. Thankfully those have all gone away quickly (within 3 to 5 days) and completely with an IV solu-med treatment. I've also thankfully not had to experience any of the other possible issues and since I've had MS since 2001 and not experienced them, maybe I never will.

Sorry if that is boring but I'm trying to explain that there is nothing wrong with my muscles what-so-ever, I am strong. What is wrong is that when my body heats up and the nerves are sending signals in a larger and faster load, not all of the signals get to where they are supposed to be headed. Every moment of walking past that two-block point sees less and less of the signals reaching destination and therefore the foot drop gradually turns into what appears to be a drunken stagger. Enough explanations, here is the story.

I took my Jeep to a CarX place last night after work. It was closing at 6 and I got there just in time to drop it off, leaving me over a half a mile from home without transportation.

I knew Cro was going to the grocery after his work to pick up things for Sunday's company picnic. I had my mobile phone with me, my purse, an umbrella, my work lunchbox (empty other than a can of diet pop) and a carry-out from BW3's for Cro's dinner (he shouldn't have to cook after going to the grocery and I suck at cooking!).

Long story eh? Well, he didn't answer his phone so I sat outside the CarX place as it started to rain. After calling and getting his answering service at least 10 times (but only leaving one message) I took inventory of my provisions SurvivorMan-style then bravely thought "I can do this!" and started to walk home.

It wasn't long before I started to feel the foot drop coming on of course, but I just slowed my pace and concentrated, determined to do this in good spirits. Then it started to rain harder but thankfully I'd had the foresight to bring the umbrella. About a block from my house I was walking with that erratic "drunken stagger" gait. So I would walk 10 to 20 paces then stop for 10-20 seconds before starting again.

I did make it home and had to lurch for the railing at the front steps to hold myself up from falling. But I DID IT!!!

Just as I was unlocking the front door, Cro pulled into the driveway, lol. He said he'd gotten my message and had been trying to call me ever since. My phone wasn't ringing. He went to CarX where he was told I'd headed off walking, then he drove all around the area looking for me and worried about me. :(

End of story is that I'm very proud of myself for walking home and making it there safely by myself. :)

Operation Fat Blaster Report
Week One - Started at 179. Ended at 178.
Week Two - Started at 178. Ended at 177.

Still double what I was aiming for (so I shouldn't complain) but half of what I was hoping for. :) At this rate it will be a couple of weeks before you guys will be "treated" to viewing my old pics from last time I was 175 pounds. That will be a blast from the past (well, from about seven years ago). I'm pretty sure I have photos from that time period as a blonde AND with dark dark hair. I was experimenting with my look. In the dark-haired photo I have a nose still swollen from surgery. I had my nose job and boob job (reduction so don't get excited) back at that time. No photos of my boobs. :P

If I had extra money, this time I would celebrate the weight loss with a tummy tuck. Ah well, the remainder of this belly will have to vanish the old-fashioned way and if I'm still left with flabby skin from being so fat, I just have to deal accept it as a reminder of all the bad choices that got me in such a situation and held me there for so long.

Recap of the personal goals I've set for OFB:

- Overarching goal: Lose the last 29 pounds and reach 150.
- Measurable goal: Lose at least half a pound a week
- Extra Credit: Be at or under 150lbs by June 1, 2010

How will I achieve this?
- Shoot for less than 50carbs per day
- Shoot for less than 1200calories per day
- One day a week, up the carbs/cal in a controlled manner (not to exceed 80carbs, 1400calories)

BTW - Hurray Jeanine! (Dance)


  1. great goal setting, and wonderful post. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  2. thanks for the sweet comment Don


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