Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aaah ... Thursday of vacationess

I woke at 5:30 this morning which is unusually late for me. I had an amazingly sound sleep that I'm sure can be attributed to knowing I have a super long weekend and at least for today I will not think about work (yeah, I'll be thinking about work off an on for the rest of this long weekend).

I didn't get out of bed until just the right amount of time to get a shower and clear out of the way before Cro had to get ready for work ... so that was at about 7:30. It was a very nice lazy sleep in! Since I can feel the stress backing off I decided to give Mr. Scale a shot. Oh Yeah! 174! Today is going great so far.

Got dressed and all just as if I were going to work (I'm a creative, so the normal non-meeting attire for me is jeans, sandals, and a light comfy top) then I put the hazelnuts in the oven for 10 minutes in expectation of trying out those recipes I posted yesterday. In the middle of shuckin' the nuts (lol) I thought I'd go ahead and heat up the coconut oil so it would be ready to add, only to find that I have less than 2 TBSP of coconut oil left. Guess I'm making a quick trip back to the whole foods grocery this morning. Hmm, I don't know what time they open but perhaps the regular grocery carries the Nutiva brand. I'll bet they do so I'm off to go see.

Catch ya later!

The day was grande, but flew by so fast!!!--==zoOM*

I went shopping and my stamina for such things amazed me for once. I'm so much more healthy this year than last! I went to Target first and ended up buying a couple of new tops as well as a pair of jeans which I'm taking back. Size 12 (though I know they are more like old-school 14's) and low rise. They fit, but I just can't stand the low rise aspect. Ah well ...

Then I looked around, and asked around, for coconut oil. No dice.

So I went to the regular grocery in search of coconut oil. I bought a new pot that is just the right size for cooking 3 boiled eggs, but no coconut oil. This is also where the darn MS started showing it's ugly face. Limping moderately, I finished that store. On the way out to my Jeep I envisioned what it would be like to use that "cold glove" thing. I can't wait until that is an affordable option for me. *happy, dreamy smile* I picture the future as being awesome ... other than the getting older thing. :P

Lastly I went to Nature's Market. I knew right where the coconut oil was so no problem. :)

Came home and finished shucking the hazelnuts, then blended them for a good 6+ minutes. Then paused to choose which type of cocoa I would use. I'd bought more cocoa from Nature's Market but I decided to go with the Hershey's Special Dark anyway. :( I wish I'd not used dark cocoa. I wasn't thinking about the bitterness it would add. So, my lovely LC Nutella attempt is not as good as it should have been. Funny too that I didn't even need the new jar of coconut oil, the little bit that I had was plenty.

So I finished the "dark cocoa-hazelnut with stevia" spread and decided that the idea of using an empty coconut oil container was a great one. And since I happened to have a brand new empty container that's what I used.

Next I whipped up the Primal Coconut Pancake batter and cooked them in a pan lightly coated with coconut oil. They turned out very very good! I used lots more cinnamon than the recipe called for but that was a great decision IMO. Pics in my menu post below.


  1. I was really happy to read that your day off was mostly care free and joyful. It really did give me a moment's worth of happiness! Thanks for that! :-)

    Thanks for the kitchen experimentation too. One thing occurred to me about the whole cocoa issue. My wife recently made a batch of (dark) chocolate walnut cookies using "Dutched" cocoa - instead of the non-alkalized variety. It definitely makes for a milder, smoother taste. I like it both ways but Mad preferred the milder version.

    Hope the rest of your workish weekend goes well! My best to you and Cro!

  2. Pity, really. It seemed like a good idea.

  3. Enjoy your mini vacation and DON'T think about work!

    Yay for 174!

  4. Harry - It was a lovely day! I'm glad that hearing about it made you happy too. I will have to see if any of my cocoa's are Dutched. I think the new cocoa that I picked up from Nature's Market yesterday just might be. My best to you and Mad as well!

    Mack - They WERE tasty! yum

    anne - Yeah, I'm still kicking myself for using the dark cocoa ... the batch will not go to waste though, I even mixed a tablespoon of it into my shake this morning. That cut the bitterness and it was very good.

    Sadekat - thanks! I'm trying not to but at some point this weekend thinking about that project will help me keep a cool head next week. 174 is smiling at your cheers. :D


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