Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cats can talk

Cro went home for a late lunch yesterday and got to experience our buddy cat telling him that strangers (the cleaning service) had been in the house. Cro said buddy cat ran into each room, stopping and wailing loudly before running to the next room that had been violated by strangers. He was obviously upset and wanted Cro to know that people had been there in our absence.

I found it very interesting and cool that he figured out a way to tell us. :) I love our buddy cat.


  1. The solution: Get buddy a duster! :-)

  2. He has a built-in one! :) But unfortunately he is more of the mess-maker mindset than mess-cleaner-upper.

  3. Sadie cat is a good guard cat too. She can hear Mr. Sadekat's footsteps on the concrete. She gets up from her chair and runs to the door to wait for him to open it. She does the same thing when she hears the UPS guy (we get deliveries about 3x a week). While I sign for packages she says hi to him and smells his shoes. When the mantainance crew comes in she watches them from a safe distance and reports back to me after they leave.

  4. That is the greatest story. Cats are amazing. I have one old guy. He doesn't do much but lay around looking beautiful. We love him.
    He does watch cats through the windows and chatters at birds. Oh yes and steals the warm spots on beds and chairs.


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