Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dreams of wars dreams of lies dreams of dragons fire

The Merry Maids are cleaning my upstairs today. It makes me feel better about them knowing that Sadekat was a Merry Maid long ago. :) I feel good about them anyway, I had them clean for me in the past and they've always done a good job. Sadekat, you will have to share some of the funny stories!

Yesterday went well despite the frenzy of work combined with meetings. My creative director took time to comment on the designs and seems to be into what I'm doing and made a couple of positive suggestions that will make things even better. Two more days before I present to the rest of the team so wish me a great reception. A couple of the developers (engineers, programmers) got to peek yesterday at the in-progress work. I got a "these are looking great!" comment from the junior guy and no complaints regarding execution of ideas from the senior guy. Yay.

So, lots of work until the presentation on Thursday and then the overload of client work that has been held behind the flood gates will crash down upon me like a raging river. Good thing I can swim.

Oh, I had some CRAZY dreams last night. Any dream interpreters out there?

I dreamt that Cro was with me downtown in the parking lot at the end of a long work day. He suddenly was struck by a serious illness and slumped to the ground between cars in a grassy median. I don't know what his illness was in the dream but it seemed as serious as a heart attack. He instructed me to immediately go to a nearby establishment and bring his buddy straight to him (that his buddy would know exactly what to do). So I rushed to the nearby establishment to ask for the buddy by name. The first person didn't know him but an older lady at the reception desk did and pointed me in the correct direction. Frantically I told Cro's buddy what happened and where he was and he rushed off to help. Meanwhile, a friend of mine who is a bit of a flake turned up with his parents, jumped in my car and argued to them that he was running away (telling me to DRIVE!) as he did so. This agitated me because I was in a great hurry to get back to Cro. Then my creative director saw me and rushed over with a big smile and was anxious to talk about the project. I told him that I needed to get right back to Cro, that he was having a serious attack and needed to go to the hospital. I drove off with my friend's parents chasing the car and gave a quick reassurance through the window to my creative director that I'd be back to talk about the project as soon as possible. I kicked my friend from the Jeep at the first intersection then quickly drove to where I had left Cro slumped in the parking lot at his demand to go get his buddy. I was afraid that he was dead but he was still barely alive. His buddy was there and an ambulance was just then pulling into the parking lot.

At that I woke up. Crazy.

I don't really need a dream interpreter. That dream seemed very reflective of my real life anxieties.

In diet news, I decided to change the order of my meals a bit. I will try having dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner today. (Meaning I'll have a larger lunch and a small dinner.) I think that I need more energy during the middle of the day than what I've been allowing myself and that if I don't get enough energy in the evening, well I will be going to sleep soon anyway.


  1. Wow!
    The "good" thing about lies is, that they are not true!

  2. I think this dream was more of a distorted reflection of reality.

  3. aren't they all, in a way, eh?
    just a reflection tho - not "real" reality!

  4. I love how my real life comes into my dreams, although sometimes it's creepy. I had a bizarre dream last night too.

    MerryMaid story as requested:

    We went to one house one time to clean and the couple that owned the house were extremely tall. Both over 7 ft tall! Their house was custom build to accomodate for them. Now, I am tall, almost 6 ft myself, but I had a hard time reaching things to clean. The toilet was really tall and bigger than normal as was the shower. In the living room there was a huge built in bookshelf with sport trophies and books, etc. On the bottom shelf was a pair of bronzed football cleats that were as long as my thigh!! I wish they had been home when we cleaned so I could have seen them.

  5. I agree about flipping the meals, I'm so much better the earlier I eat!


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