Thursday, September 10, 2009

eggx2, treatsx8, elephantsx8

I've been running out of steam by the end of the work day, rushing home and being very motion-sick all the way there, eating dinner and crashing early for the evening. I think the 2-egg lunch is not enough to keep me going strong so I brought peanut butter to see me through the late afternoon and drive home. At least I HOPE that's why I've been sapped in the afternoons and motion sick on the drive home each day this week. If it is, it's easily correctable.

Cro has been training our buddy-cat to expect 8 kitty treats at a certain time each evening. It's so fun to watch him toss the treat and see buddy-cat try to paw them out of the air. He's getting pretty good at catching them. After all 8 treats have been delivered Cro will say to the anxiously anticipating feline "That's all." Upon hearing those words, buddy-cat will immediately turn around and begin a quick search for anything he might have missed, then go about his catly business (usually a nap). It's fun that Cro is taking such joy in forming this routine and holding firm in the discipline of 8 treats then "That's all." And especially fun to see the cat recognize the words and accept them without further complaint.

Traffic was stopped on the route to work for a few minutes so that 8 elephants and their trainers could cross the street.

HA, this totally explains the elephants. The circus is in town. Not just in town, but right NEXT DOOR to our office. Our office is caddy-corner to Conseco Fieldhouse, where the circus is being held.


  1. That's why I usually leave for work a little later than everyone else. I want to give plenty of time for all the elephants to get to work.

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