Monday, September 21, 2009

Exhilarating Monday

Mom & Dad are visiting Wednesday!!!

I'm so excited and happy. It's always so fun to host my parents and they haven't visited my place for well over five years. Dad will be entering the heart hospital here in Indy on Thursday morning and the plan right now is to have stents put in. I'm sure that could change once the surgeon assesses the situation but I'm hoping that it won't change to open-heart surgery at the last moment. Either way, I'm just so happy that he will have it done up here, at a hospital dedicated to heart procedures and with a surgeon that is highly recommended by the surgeon who put in a stent for him in 1993. Dad has such a complex mess of partial artery blockages in his heart due to the MRSA that it makes me feel more confident that he will be having it done in a facility dedicated to the heart. PLUS he will be very close to where I live (less than 7 miles) so mom can take advantage of staying at my place in comfort rather than hours on end in the hospital waiting room. PLUS he will be close enough for me to easily visit without missing work.

I do plan to work 6am-2pm on Wednesday so I can be there when they arrive. I don't have any meetings Wednesday afternoon so I don't think that will inconvenience work too much.

I spent the weekend shopping for new bedding, etc to make our place more cozy and spent most of Sunday cleaning. Haha. Even though the maids came in twice (due to their own negligence) I still felt compelled to do things my way. Cro was a sweety and hosed off the back patio well and fired up the weed-eater. It rained a bit so hopefully it will spare us a dry day tonight or tomorrow so we can run JD across the lawn.

Oh, do any of you have tips for getting an orange set-in cat food (from cat up-chuck) stain out of carpet. It happened while I was at work and was dry by the time I found it. I had no idea that his catfood contained such strong die!!! Sadekat had the great tip on Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for my hardwood smudge so I'm hoping that someone has a good tip for a set in dry die stain. I can always hide it with a throw rug I suppose.

So yeah, it was a very busy weekend but although I'm tired, I'm still full of exhilaration that mom and dad will be here soon. It feels like a special day is just around the corner, and truly it is. It will hopefully be the week that dad is brought back to great health!


  1. Throw rug for
    Throw up, I always say!
    Hope this week is all that you hope for!

  2. Ahhh the familiar orange upchuck stain! I use woolite heavy traffic carpet foam, it's in a big blue spray can. It gets out the orange food upchuck, foamy green plant upchuck, and runny cat poo.

    spray, let it sit until foam goes almost away, scrub scrub scrub with brush. dry. vacuum. repeat until stain gone. Usually out in 1 round, but sometimes a stubborn one will take 2 rounds.

  3. anne - haha, that's the plan for today at least. :)

    Sadekat - you are so awesome!! I will pick up some Woolite heavy traffic carpet foam tomorrow after work. yay! thankyou thankyou!


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