Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fixing things

Dad's birthday was yesterday and this one is especially great (because we didn't know if he would be here to celebrate another one). My call last night found him in a very happy mood. He had a wonderful day and was in the middle of reading one of the books I had sent. He and mom spent the day working on the barn, repairing structural wear and tear, building up more of it's strength and adding another half door to the horse stables. Dad was a child when he first saw that barn being built. He has a lot of good memories of his dad and grandfather, uncles and of being a child wrapped up in the old structures on the farm. It gives him great pleasure to maintain it all and see things still structurally sound after all these years. It gives me great pleasure to see him so happy with his day of work and nearly back to normal again.

Cro is feeling worse today but I am feeling much better. Poor guy. It seems that any illness that effects us will effect me ten times less than what it does him. Maybe I can thank my MS and overactive immune system for that.

OH! That brings to mind something wonderful that I saw on a popular science program last night. There is an inventor working on a device that can quickly normalize a person's core body temperature after they have exerted themselves in exercise. Something like that would be of great benefit to me since due to my MS, heating up means that I quickly become temporarily crippled (loss of balance, limping, foot drop) until I cool down and nerve impulses stop racing through my internal wiring (and therefore skipping off the track like an out of control HotWheels race car). The invention was called the "cold glove" and it could mean the end of my gimpness if it goes on the market at a price I can afford. I am SO hopeful that it could work the way I imagine. To be able to walk, jog, climb without being held back by MS would be so awesome. I could perhaps take another Mammoth Cave extended tour ... something I thought I'd never be able to do again. Right now I would quickly start limping, dragging one foot more and more with every step, completely lose my balance and end up falling off the edge of a bottomless pit. :o

Bah, sorry about the boring MS talk again but I'm excited about the possibilities of the cold glove. Here is a link if you are curious about what it is. A bit too pricey for me, but maybe it will become more affordable in time.

And today I started my egg'speriment. Mostly eggs on my menu for the next couple of days.

I nearly forgot but I want to mention that a girl I work with brought a cat-in-a-box back from lunch yesterday. Apparently she witness some jerk throw the cat out of his car in the middle of downtown lunch traffic (speeding cars in both directions). She pulled over and coaxed the terrified cat to her, boxed it up and brought it back to work. I can't believe someone would be that much of a jerk (well, yes I can). And I can't believe the cat was unharmed. And it's also hard to believe that the cat willingly went to her after experiencing such trauma. The girl I work with has already decided to adopt it as her own.


  1. Hey, I left you a little low-carb treat on my blog today. Enjoy!

  2. Awwww happy ending for the kitty!

  3. :D thanks Jack

    Angie - kitty got a great home!


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