Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Day

The day is wide open. What am I going to do with it? :)

Whatever it is I know it is going to be relaxing. I think I'll start by going back to Target to return those jeans ...

Recap of half of FriMYday:
  • Started to go to Target to return jeans.
  • Thought I'd stop by Fashion Bug just to have the joy of browsing the "non-enormous" side for once.
  • Fashion Bug doesn't open until 10am.
  • Decided to have my highlights refreshed since the salon is just a little further down the street
  • Spent a relaxing hour at the hair salon getting highlights. Nice. :)
  • Left the salon and had to pee but didn't want to go home. Scoped out another shop that would likely have a bathroom available (a non-nasty one)
  • Went into the Elan Nail Salon where they did not have a public bathroom, but I ended up getting a relaxing pedicure. Nice.
  • Ok, REALLY had to pee now. Stopped at Half Price Books because it was just across the street and I knew they had a public restroom.
  • Saw books that drew my eye but no time! Have to pee!
  • Emergency averted, now had time to look at books. Oh lord, book stores have the tendency to eat my entire day ... must ... move on ... resist ... Oooh, a book on Machinima! No, it's from 2007, now get out of there before my day is gone, lol.
  • Stopped at Fashion Bug, which was now open, only to find that the store was sparsely stocked and all of the normal size clothing was gone. Only plus sizes in the entire store. Another economy casualty I suppose. :(
  • Finally went to Target. Ended up doing more shopping as I carried around my jeans to return. Found 3 more cute blouses. Returned the jeans. Paid for the new clothes. Done.
  • Back home and starving. Let's see, I left home at 9am and got back at 1pm ... still some vacation day left. Lots of it!
  • Washed new smaller pot only to discover a paper label on the bottom that refused to be removed, I let it soak in very hot water for as long as I could stand then decided it would just burn off on the stovetop as I boiled water for the eggs. Thankfully it didn't burst into flames, spew noxious gases or smoke and stinks.
  • Finished cooking the eggs and ate them up yum. :D
  • And now I'm wishing I'd bought that machinima book, dang it. :P


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