Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heart me <3

Yesterday was one of those surreal days (in a good way).

I got to work at 6am and left at 2pm as planned. Got home at 2:30 and although I was fidgety and wanted to do something useful as I waited for mom and dad to arrive, there was really nothing that needed to be done. I still fidgeted and paced around and dusted things that weren't dusty, lighted candles for the comfy atmosphere, refolded blankets, revacuumed floors that didn't need it and finally made myself sit down and chill. They pulled into the driveway about 10 minutes later and I rushed around in "oh crap"-mode to make sure all was in order before greeting them at the door. lol, I'm such a ball of anxiety sometimes.

Once they were here it was a bustle of activity (mostly on mom's part) to get settled and all of their trappings stashed in various niches. Mom had brought half of her garden (exaggeration but not by much) in ziplock baggies for Cro and I so now my freezer is packed to capacity. Dad found a comfortable place to sit and chilled for a bit, recovering from the long drive.

It wasn't long before they wanted me to bring up google maps and talk them through exactly where the hospital was located and the best route to get there. Then dad asked if I could drive mom over there so she would be familiar with it before Thursday when they have to go there for real. So we did that, the hospital is less than 7 minutes from my house and is very simple to get to. On the way back I drove by the Thai restaurant only to discover it was boarded up. :( Out of business. That makes me sad, I adored the old couple who owned that place and even though I haven't been there since starting down the low carb road a year and a half ago I adored them for more than their culinary skills (which was awesome!). :)

I ended up serving the Dreamfield pasta dish that Cro had made and I also made a philly cheesesteak sandwich for dad. Mom wanted her leftovers from lunch (they ate at a truck stop earlier in the day) so she was an easy-to-please guest. Dad raved about how good the pasta dish was, mom tried it and said it was very good lasagna. Haha, I'd never really thought of it as lasagna but since it contained rotini, chopped peppers, tomato sauce and cheese, I suppose it tasted similar to a lasagna.

Dad and buddy cat bonded, Cro worked late but joined us later. It was a nice evening. I took some photos of mom and dad that I'll try to post later tonight (I'm at work right now).

They will be leaving for his heart procedure at 2pm today. Dad says that it will be televised to a group of medical people around the country (I didn't have time to ask him for details before leaving for work), so if you are in the medical field and are watching a man have 3 stents placed in his heart at an Indianapolis hospital today, that might be my dad ... wish him well! With all of those people watching I feel even more secure that nothing will go wrong and that he will get the very best care.

A guy at work told me a dirty joke yesterday after hearing about dad's chest pains. I told it to dad last night and he proclaimed that he would tell it to his doctor, lol ... skip it if you don't care for off-color jokes. :)

An old man and an old woman were about to have an affair. Before they had gone too far the old woman said "I have to tell you something ... I have acute angina." The old man said "Hmm, that's good because your tits are the ugliest I've ever seen."


  1. Thank you for the laugh! I needed that.

  2. aww im so glad your parents are visiting..i will be praying for your daddy on the day of his surgery stop by soon cilla

  3. Glad your dad's adventure seems to be off to a calm and relaxing start.

    And that kind of tasteless joke belongs on my blog, not yours. ;)

  4. Hey it must have been good if your mom thought it was lasagna! Sounds like you had some fun with your parents...

  5. *rimshot*
    Soup or salad - I'll have the soup!
    Or not*


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