Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it's not for cats

Amazingly calm this morning. Yesterday was mostly hell, but ended on a positive note. The super big project is going to be a collaboration between myself and my creative director and he's already told me that he doesn't want me to be working on my vacation days ... to just prepare myself mentally for the two weeks to follow and whatever we need to do to get this job completed. I really respect that man, lots. So I'll try to do what he says, put work behind me during this vacation, use it to mentally refresh and prepare for the trenches to come.

A few days off will actually do me good I think. I pretty much live in "what is to come" mode all the time. I suppose that's why I'm at work at least an hour before everyone every day and why I often finish projects 1 or 2 days before they are due. That's not a bad thing! But it does wear me out sometimes.

I wrote a few paragraphs of "#$%$#%$ this and $%^$%@ that" early in the day yesterday ... then deleted it. This blog is good therapy even when I don't publish what I vent. :) Things always seem to work out but I've had to reach for my pack of lavender beads to hold up to my nose and take slow deep breaths a few times this week. Usually 10 deep breaths of sweet sweet lavender will do it.

Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

Hell's Kitchen just doesn't hold the same charm for me now that Robert is gone. I suppose I hope for Van or (the guy who doesn't blink, forgot his name) to win.

The egg/protein fast thing is going well. I was so hungry that I ate my two boiled eggs at 11am yesterday, then worried that I would be very hungry later. Amazingly I wasn't hungry at all for the rest of the afternoon and the time went by very fast due to being so focused on work and tied up in project meetings. I brought an extra egg for lunch today and I do wonder if I will be sick of eggs tomorrow. For now I look forward to them and feel empowered.

Rather than mixing an egg into my shake this morning I mixed in some egg white powder. I also mixed in 1/4 of a banana for the potassium and took a bucket of supplements. Multivitamins, vitamin D and a few things that claim to reduce inflammation (which should be good for my MS-ladened brain) like zinc, B12 and ginger root. Sometimes I wish our bodies came with dials–like a car dashboard–to indicate exactly what we need and how much we have introduced into the system, when it is getting low or overfilled, etc. I have no idea if the amounts are correct, how much is actually being used or even if I'm missing something that would help me greatly ... I can only read about what might work and make hopeful guesses.

That's pretty much true for dieting too.

More infuriating cat news. (I spoke yesterday about a co-worker witnessing a cat being thrown out of a moving vehicle in the middle of lunch-hour traffic.) The new news? Someone in Indy decided to shoot an arrow through a cat's head yesterday. The cat lived and the evening news showed a clip of the poor kitty with arrow still in his head before surgery. The arrow went through one eye and out the top of the skull. The news proudly proclaimed that there was a $500 reward for information. *sigh* I suppose that might bring someone forward to tattle, but I doubt it. Some people are total bastards.


  1. Smart idea to get away from the work for a bit. Creative folks need to recharge the batteries from time to time. You just can't go full tilt for too long or you'll blow a gasket...

    People's cruelty to animals (and each other) never ceases to amaze me.

  2. I agree -- people who will hurt helpless animals are bastards. Also, I need to get me some of those lavender beads!

  3. i've tried the egg/protein fast before, but i always forget and then derail on accident, lol. i'm glad you are feeling satisfied on it!

    do what the he says and take a real restful vacay, you deserve it! and from what it sounds like, you'll need the energy reserves when you get back!

  4. Jack - I will need a good recharge because it is going to be a full battery drain non-stop when I get back next week. Mean people suck (referring to the cat mistreatment ... well mean people suck even if animals aren't involved.)

    Parry - I got the lavender bath beads at our last white elephant Christmas party. Those and some cardboard drink coasters. I use both items every week! :D

    Laura - I think I did very well on it for a couple of days but think tomorrow I need to try those new recipes I posted and eat a little more. :) Mainly because the new recipes sound good! AND healthy, so there's no reason not to try them, lol. I'll decide in the morning whether I feel like eggs/protein for one more day or feel like almond meal pancakes.

  5. I once saw a sign for $10,000 for a reward for a tortured doggie/reward.
    I wonder if it was a trick. Lavender -- great idea...I use that on Hospice Patient's pillows sometimes.

  6. anne - I think a $10k reward would be a bit more incentive for info than $500 ... but honestly, if I saw that happen and who did it I wouldn't need a reward to report the bastard. The guy had better hang on to the bow to fend me off too. LOL, Cro just said if he saw someone do that he would shove an arrow up their ... well in a very uncomfortable place to have and arrow shoved.

    My lavender de-stress moments really seem to help me deal with my crazy work. I don't know if it is just the thought that it is calming or if it actually has a calming property, but it does smell nice and is like a brief moment to breath slow and focus. :)


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