Friday, September 18, 2009

Kicking the Can

The presentation that I've been busting ass over is finally behind me (gee, lots of derriere references in that brief statement). It went very VERY well and I was even told by one of the participants that they LOVE the work ... LOVE it. :) So even though we are still two weeks from launching this thing and there is more to do, the tense part of getting team approval is accomplished. YAY.

The maids "redo" didn't live up to expectation (I didn't think it would) but between the two tries I no longer feel completely cheated, just a little disappointed. I will be able to finish it off to my satisfaction in less than an hour–which does take some stress off of me and that was the whole point of paying for help.

I guess the maid thing either speaks to my pickiness (yeah, I know it does) or the general lack of "pride in work" of the service I paid for (hey, I know that is true too). They still didn't move the light rocking chair to vacuum under it, which baffles my mind, but they did move the small bin in the kitchen that I complained about and gave the floor under it a quick mop. The smudge on the hardwood floor in the hall was still there. I was able to de-smudge it with a wet paper towel and 3 minutes of scrubbing. Images of my mom with her hair tied back in a scarf, mop in hand, bucket at her feet, and putting muscle into her scrubbing comes to mind.

My comment to Cro that evening was that maybe I just expect too much of people. He agreed. :P

In diet news, I think I'm going to try giving up diet pop next week. I can't image what is keeping me from losing so that's just one more thing that I will eliminate for a while to see if it makes a difference. No joke, this is going to be VERY TOUGH on me. I've already given up aspartame (evil poison) a year ago and switched to drinks with Splenda. No diet soda pop is a mini (or major actually) step toward moving away from Splenda too. I see lots of plain water and lots of iced tea with Stevia in the coming week. Wish me luck, or comment that you will JOIN ME in next week's game of "Kick the Can". I know lots of you already avoid diet soda. Encouragement is welcomed (and needed).


  1. I just switched from Aspartame to Splenda-flavored drinks.... They are soooo addictive! You totally can do it, Oct!

  2. twins again!
    I am quitting the diet drinks now that summer is gone
    I figure a couple of days of cravings then the rest is "mental"
    "It ain't no hill to a climber" as they say in the Army!
    ps I have half/caff coffee ready for when I need *or want*
    a little sumpin-sumpin... low sodium broth is good, too.

  3. way to kick project AND maid ass!

  4. Nice on kicking the diet cola habit. I developed a nasty one a few months back, but now I rarely drink soda.

    I need to get some good stevia. Where do you get yours?

    You need a magic eraser for that smudge, 10 seconds or less and it would have been gone! You can buy them at wal-mart in the mop & sponge isle.

  5. I think you'll be absolutely fine giving up the soft drink. You'll soon realise that you don't need it and wonder where you even had the space to fit it in! :)

    Good luck, and enjoy!

  6. Angie - thanks for the encouraging words!

    anne - ooh, so you drink broth when you are in the mood for a soda? I could totally try that. Good luck on your kicking the can efforts too. Wondertwin powers activate!

    Carlos - I kicked lots of ass last week. :)

    Sadekat - I posted about my Stevia just now. Magic eraser, hmm. I'll have to look for one of those. 10 seconds is much faster than 3 minutes!

    Erika - Thank you for the vote of confidence. I think I'm going to miss it lots, but I can get through a week without it and go from there.

  7. Quitting soda is so so hard, but soo soo good! Good luck!

  8. Great news about the reception of your work. Good going!

    I'll pass along something that Mad's been doing lately. Firstly, let me tell you that she really, really, really doesn't like to drink pure water. Unfortunately, that means that she tends to drink quite a few diet drinks (mostly Hansen's). But she recently found a natural alternative. Here's what she does:

    She brews two tea bags of Celestial Seasonsings' True Blueberry tea adds some sweetener (stevia works) and ice cubes.

    Maybe something like this might be a good alternative for you too?

  9. I forgot to mention two things:

    1) Mad likes to use sparkling water in the mix. It makes it more soda like.

    2) She also squeezes in a little lemon to add some zing to the drink.

    Another option she mentioned is using Lime Perrier sparkling water.

  10. Mac - it is tough! But I can do it for one week. I'll worry about next week when it gets here but a week of no pop will make it easier if I decided to try to continue or even reduce the pop to a couple of cans per day would satisfy me. :)

    JP - Thank you for the grats regarding my work. I am happy that it was well received but know that isn't the end. More work is always generally a moment away and already behind schedule when I get it, lol. Thank Mad for the tips on soda replacements for me. Those are great ideas and I will be sure to try them ... it is tough to add more water and not lean on tasty diet pop so much ... especially when already cutting down on food. I just have to enjoy life more in ways not related to my taste buds. Darn it.


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