Saturday, September 19, 2009

My pal Steve(ia)

Sadekat asked about my Stevia so here is what I like and where I find it. :)

It can be found lots of places but I've online ordered it from both and I just go for the one that gives me the best deal on price and shipping at the time I'm buying. I also buy three bottles at a time to save on having to pay for shipping so soon again when I need more. This stuff is non-bitter and I love it much!


  1. oh thanks! I am just about out of splenda and I really want to switch to stevia for a while at least.

  2. Oh, how I love my Stevia... Let me count the ways!

  3. Oct,

    I frequently use the Now Foods stevia packets. I generally like the brand. Taste-wise, is this product better than others you've tried? Do you go for the liquid for convenience or taste (or both)?

    Hope you and Cro are having a great weekend!

  4. I love Stevia too. I buy one that is powder but not fill of fillers, 100% stevia. I haven't tried a liquid. Might do just that.

  5. Sadekat - happy to help. I really love my liquid Stevia now ... and feel good about it health-wise too!

    Angie - me too!!! :)

    JP - Now foods and NuNaturals NuStevia are the two non-bitter brands that I've tried. I think that the Now brand is completely non-bitter and easy to find so I've been going with that one. I use the liquid because I read somewhere that artificial sweetener powered form still contain carbs in the fillers. I don't know if its true for Stevia but I chose the "better safe than sorry" route. I'm sure that the fillers contribute only a trace amount of carbs if they do use them since they are allowed to put "0" on the product labels that I've read. Zero means less than .5 I think. Hope you and Mad had a great weekend too. :)

    Marjie - ooh, which brand of Stevia powder did you find that has no fillers in the powder? I will have to check into that. Though I am very happy with the non-bitter liquid form I do have to order it. The Nature's Market near me offers some packet-form stevia that I haven't looked it and they also carry a bitter liquid form (blech) that I avoid.


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