Tuesday, September 8, 2009

off the rack

XXL, but still off the rack from Target so I suppose it counts as "normal people" clothing sort of. Why is the last 25 pounds always the toughest to lose?

Oh, and I did my nails to match my pedicure (I NEVER do my nails).

At work at 5:45am and I don't expect anyone else to get here for a few hours. Perfect time to catch up on odds and ends that floated into my inbox over my break. In just a few short hours hell-weeks begin. I'm as ready as I can be. :)


  1. You don't look like you need to lose 25 to me! I'd just like to lose the first 25!

  2. THANK YOU Char! :) That really meant a lot to me and made me smile. I'm not fooling myself though, I need to lose that last 25 and then starts the lifelong struggle to maintain it. Goodluck on your efforts too. We CAN do this.

  3. They did a good job on the highlights!

  4. Thanks Lee. He tried to sell me a bunch of salon products too but was disappointed to find me too frugal to bite. Highlights was splurge enough. :P

  5. Look at your waist girl! I see an hourglass va-va-voom!

  6. you look amazing girl hope u are doing great stop by soon cilla

  7. The shirt is even too big for you!
    I wear an XL and sometimes an XXL in Old Navy, and I am much bigger than you! Show off your curves! :-)

    You look amazing, seriously. Your face, and your skin are incredible, and of course your body!
    SO so proud of your success :-)

  8. Sadekat, Carlos, cilla and Chai - you guys make me blush! Thanks for the kind words. I still have tons to go.

  9. Looking good, Oct!

    I agree with what some others are saying. Try to enjoy some of the benefits of the weight before it's lost.

    I kind of miss my thicker legs ... but not enough to gain the weight back! ;-)


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