Thursday, September 17, 2009

an ounce of prevention

My big project's internal presentation today (wish me luck please please!). This is a project for our own company, which makes is especially edgy. EVERYONE is going to have a strong opinion, as they should. I'm just very happy to have the creative director very involved on what I've done every step of the way. If he is happy (and he is) the rest of the team will be too. That's my wishful thinking at any rate. :)

Does anyone else think this has been the longest week in history? It feels like it should be next Wednesday already.

Dad is frustrated that he has to wait until next week to have something done about his heart, but I'm happy that it seems stents will do the trick. He and mom are likely to be staying the night at our place so they can start to the hospital fresh the next morning rather than making the drive straight to the hospital from their house. The heart hospital is only 7 miles from my house so I think that is a great idea. :) It will be much nicer on them to have a rest from driving before going in. They still don't have confirmation on the day and time and dad still wants to talk his main heart doctor into doing the procedure at Vincennes (eek). Their plans may change but that's what I know at this point.

Merry Maids is supposed to return to my house and do a better job today. I hope they do and hope they aren't pissed at me and accidentally break stuff. lol. Buddy cat will tell me if anything is wrong. :)

I am going to try having more whole foods today and no peanut butter and no Atkins bars. Peanut butter is an easy and quick way to add some energy, it's very tasty and low carb, but I have been known to lean on it too much. Although it's not going to disappear from my diet I am going to give it a rest for today. Also no cheese today and no Atkins bars if I can at all help it. I do have one packed in the bottom of my lunch bag and will eat it if I start to feel MS nausea before the drive home. I brought some ginger supplements to try to prevent that from happening though.


  1. You're gonna knock this presentation outta the park. I feel it!

    The Merry Maids are gonna do a three-quarter-assed job instead of a half-assed job. I feel it!

    This week is gonna end eventually. I feel it!

  2. I was thinking about the peanut butter too.
    It was fun, but now, perhaps it is time to expand my horizons.

    Break a proverbial leg!

  3. Thank you Jack! The presentation went outstandingly well and the maids did exactly what you predicted. :P

    Doesn't it stink that we have to even be wary of the very low carb and moderate calorie stuff like peanut butter, anne? Ah well, such is life I guess.


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