Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday Menu

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BREAKFAST - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] 1 cup LC ice cream
[3carb][190cal ] 2 TBSP peanut butter

LUNCH - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] 1 meatball with fennel
[3.5carb][55cal ] spicy curry dipping sauce
[32carb][140cal ] 1/2 serving pomme frites
[36carb][336cal ] nutella crepe

DINNER - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] 4 boneless wings in Asian Zing sauce from BW3's

TOTAL - xcarb/xcal
I probably overdid it yesterday (for sure too many carbs) but I don't feel like going back and counting up the damage right now since it won't do me any good anyway. :( My portion control was good at least (mostly small portions). Strict counting for the rest of the week.


  1. I find a day here and there overdoing the carbs doesn't really sabotage my success that much, maybe a small gain in water weight that is quickly lost when I return to my usual carb level. It's when those "overdid it" days turn into a regular thing that it becomes a problem.

  2. I agree Lee. As long as I am compelled to get right back on track I won't worry ... this is for life after all. :)


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