Wednesday, September 16, 2009


*begin rant*

Merry Maids did a bad job so even though I HATE HATE HATE being placed into situations where confrontation is required, I called and complained. The boss-lady was apologetic and will be sending a different team out tomorrow to make good on the service. She also promised to send out a supervisor to check the work. I'm happy they are going to do this but would have been more happy if they had done a proper job to begin with. I wasn't expecting much but what they did was akin to running through my house as quickly as they could and without care.

Things that made my blood boil:

  • Dusting was either done "around" items or not done at all on some significant things (like the television stand).

  • I specifically requested that their two "special focus" areas be the kitchen and bathroom floors. The note card left behind said that the two areas given special focus were the hallway and back bedroom. Hallway is probably the easiest area of the house. It is just a straight hall with a hardwood floor and no furniture. I don't see what the special focus was since a scuff mark that I noticed before leaving for work was still there when I got home. I suppose "special focus" in the bedroom was that they actually dusted.

  • Kitchen floor was mopped but again, items on the floor were mopped "around" rather than moved. I moved the small bin that I use to store plastic bags from the grocery and found cat hair, cat toys and cat food crumbles still under there.

  • Bathroom floor had been only given a "once-over" light mopping. *sigh*

My house should be easy to clean ... it wasn't filthy to begin with. It just needed dusting and floors mopped with care (including under lightweight and movable furniture).

*end rant*

Other than that, the day was good. It feels like it should be Thursday but I suppose I'm glad it isn't. I still have today (minus time for a meeting) to work on the big project before presentation.

The diet sucks. I'm not eating much and am getting bored with what I am actually consuming. I think I need to make something good and satisfying for a change (healthy and low carb too) rather than obsessing over calories and trying so hard to just live for the next loss. Having a small portion of Cro's LC pasta dish for lunch yesterday was a welcome change.


  1. People don't clean (or do anything, really) like it's their own.
    I see that a lot in Nursing, too.
    People just sit there, looking at their watch.
    They leave work undone and a mess to follow!

  2. It's true! But perhaps the team tomorrow will do an acceptable job since they will know I've already complained and their supervisor will be checking their work. If not, at least I tried.

  3. Good for you for standing up and confronting them about the sloppy service.

  4. Their crappy service was $160 and I doubt they spent more than an hour on my house from the looks of things. You could have boiled an egg on my head when I moved the bin and saw kitty hair and treat crumbles still there, lol.

  5. Ok, now I am just as upset as you are that your house wasn't done properly.

    I am also mad that when I worked for MerryMaids we had to scrub floors on our hand and knees. Mops and brooms were not allowed. We had to use a towel to 'sweep' and then a scrubby sponge thing to scrub the floor with cleaner and then follow with a towel to wipe dry!! The standards must have dropped or maybe that was the way my bosslady wanted floors done.

    Hopefully they will get the job done properly tomorrow, but just in case, count your knick-nacks tonight and again tomorrow after they have left!

  6. how infuriating! I'm glad they are coming back to fix it, $160 is not chump change!

  7. Sadekat - It just shows that some people care about their work more than others. *ack, I hope they don't steal the knick-nacks!" lol

    Mac - $160 is a significant amount of money to this frugal girl!


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