Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Targ

I think it's so awesome that I actually enjoy buying clothes again ... and can easily find stuff off the rack that isn't super expensive and doesn't look terrible! It will only get better.

Happy Monday (don't you just hate when people say that?) >:} I worked ALLLL day yesterday. First I drove downtown to the office and worked 5 hours on our company project (the launch deadline is Thursday and there are still buckets of odds -n- ends to complete. Friday evening my creative director was having a patented "Oct" anxiety situation in that there is so much left that he felt responsible to complete PLUS his kids have a soccer match that he needs to attend, his highschool reunion was that weekend, AND more family stuff that I forget but that I could see was important not to miss. Then the big guilt started on me (self-imposed big guilt, not anything that he was responsible for) and I decided to spend Sunday taking on part of the leftovers. Afterall, I'M the web designer and it IS a web project. I also REALLY REALLY want to see it complete on time and be well received (I hope I hope!). I also have a hefty deadline for another project so I stayed late Friday night to get that in respectable order and knew that I needed to make progress on Matt's film fest site. I got home thinking that I'd just email Matt, apologize and promise to have it completed next weekend. Then the big guilt prompted me to spend another 3 hours Sunday evening to complete it afterall ... well, the film schedule and program anyway. lol. Thanks big guilt, I don't know what I'd do without you.

Anyway, feeling good about what I accomplished over the weekend, have no delusions that it's all over yet, and yet I'm raring to go this morning. No one is here yet but that's cool. I like the quiet of the morning before this place turns into a train station of activity.

I woke up to find Cro nowhere in sight. Apparently he got up in the middle of the night and moved to a cooler room. It was rather hot in the house and I felt bad about expressing how cold I always am and that 66 degrees is too darn cold to keep the house. BRRR. I shouldn't complain and should just get more blankets but I run a cooler body temperature than a lot of people (my normal is 96.8 rather than 98.6) so I feel immobilized when the house is so cold. :( I got up at 2am and changed the thermostat to be colder and apologized to him this morning for it being too warm for him to sleep. He said it wasn't the temperature that kept him up, that he was just feeling not so great. :( Hope it doesn't last long.

So ... happy Monday everyone. :P


  1. My best to dear cold Cro...or not so cold....get well soon!

  2. He's NEVER cold ... I'm the cold one. :)

  3. Look at you, girl! You look wonderful!

  4. Wow, I know the stress of trying to pull together big projects on deadline. Here's hoping they're all big hits!

  5. You look smaller in this pic than the last pic you posted. Congrats!!

  6. Char - :D That's always nice to hear.

    Jack - They'd better be big hits, dang it!

    Lee - It's the slimming illusion of horizontal stripes. Hmm, that doesn't seem right. :)

  7. Carlos, I keep telling you I am the cold one. :)


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