Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tired Girl

Too much work to possibly get done is on my schedule again. It gets tiring I must say. When is reason going to enter the world once again?

I called and talked to dad this morning. He says he is going to do his best to rest easy today in expectation of tomorrow's drive to Indy. He just hopes that he will make it through the stent procedure before he has a heart attack. Me too! He suffers big angina pain from the tiniest things, such as rolling over in bed. This is even after staying on his home oxygen machine all night. Scary, but only 2 days to go and the surgeon will put in 3 stents (the surgeon called to discuss it with dad and he seemed like a nice down-to-earth guy, dad says).

Tomorrow I will work early so I can leave at 2pm. My creative director said that I should just come in at normal time and leave at 2 ... that he knows that I work more than 8 hours every day so I shouldn't feel bad about leaving early for once. lol, it's very nice that he notices. I still want to put in an 8 hour day ... that will be like having a half day for me really.

Okay, shopping list:
• kitty treats (crunchy outside, soft inside)
• Woolite heavy traffic carpet foam
• Febreze to freshen the basement (Lavender, Vanilla & Comfort scent for the bedroom too)
• Sams cola for dad (yeah, he prefers Sams over coca cola or pepsi)
• Code Red (bottles, not cans) for Cro
• The makings for brewed iced tea
• Some sort of snack that they might enjoy ... popcorn for mom, dad? Maybe a muffin mix so they will smell good fresh from the oven.
• Nail polish remover (just for me :))

I guess that means I need to go to Walmart tonight.

Things to after I get off of work:
• pick up things on my list from Walmart
• stop by Walgreens for the things I can't easily find something @ Walmart
• go home! :)
• put groceries away
• make iced tea
• clean kitty upchuck spot
• vacuum everything again
• dust all again
• spray basement and lightly upstairs with Febreze
• put new linens on bed
• take JD for a turn around the lawn
• finally make protein shake and relax

Wow, I'm going to have a full evening.

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  1. Sorry, but reason has left the building. I had to meet with a new client on Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. that wanted a marketing plan and concepts on a sales promotion by Monday. Somewhere along the line, the deadlines just got super crazy on us all.

    Sending healing rays of power to your dad (hope they can get through all the rain we're having).


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