Monday, September 14, 2009

Too Much

Too much worry.
Too much work.
Too much food.

That describes my weekend. I'm in serious need of inspiration. I'll be starving all week again to make up for the damage I've done. Though for some insane reason the motion sickness exacerbation is back so I need to be sure to eat a little something before I drive home from work. I'm very tired of fighting not to throw up while in the middle of traffic.

Now to share some less woe-is-me stuff. :) I got Matt's Film Fest site well started. I don't plan to let that launch until I've had a chance to create a "Coming Soon" page (although I hate those I hate clicking on something and it going no-where even more). Matt is thrilled. My big project at work is going well ... still loads to do but I'm not feeling squished under stress today yet. I have meetings all afternoon so today is going to be robbed of precious hours, but hopefully that also means it will not be a boring day.

I called Merry Maids to clean house for me tomorrow. With all of the work stress I felt that having a little help to get the house tidy for possible extended company (mom and dad staying for perhaps several days) would be a great relief. I'll still have plenty to do because no cleaning service that *I* can afford is capable of thorough perfection. It will at least be nice to know they are going to mop the floors and shine the hardwoods and stone entry, clean the bathrooms and vacuum the carpet. The rest will need my touch. Fresh linens, fresh flowers, dust and tidy the knick-knacks, floor boards, fridge and all that. :) It will be fun to have mom and dad visit, though I wish it were purely social and not because they need to be near the hospital. I am truly happy that they will not be having the heart procedures done at the hospital of ... *@$%%'d up'edness*.

Alice in Chains, Check my Brain - I could listen to this forever. LOVE the drop pitch or whatever it's called
Chevelle, Jars - <3 it
Ramstein - actually craving more of this old junk, lol


  1. Stress never adds anything healthy to our game plans. Here's hoping you manage to overcome all your various stresses and pull out a good week.

  2. Good job on the Merry Maids.
    It's good to call for outside help-
    I have a friend who helps me every week!

  3. ps - I saw a t shirt once with Alice from the Brady Bunch, all bound up in chains...fits right in with the cleaning motif!
    Somebody check my brain for sure!

  4. hang there don't let the stress win...

  5. "Too much" is an understatement. You've got a lot going on.

    I thought your menu today was really good, a little short of 1,200 calories but with a fun variety. You'll surely burn fat if you keep going like that.

  6. I used to work for Merry Maids! We did it all. I have some really funny stories from that job.

    Good to have your parents visit and good PappaOct isn't going to the evil hospital. Give them both a hug from me!

  7. Jack - thank you for the destessful wishes. I wish you the same!

    anne - ooh, a friend to help every week would be awesome ... and that T-shirt sounds hilarious. I think I might have seen something like that in the past as well.

    Carlos - the stress will NOT win! I will arm-wrestle it into submission.

    Lee - I'm sure that everyone has as much or more going on to stress them as I do. I just should have been born the actual independently wealthy free spirit that I'm sure I had to have been in a former life. :)

    Sadekat - ooh, share some stories! I'm very happy that if dad needs surgery for his heart that the evil hospital that sucks isn't equipped. I'll feel much more confident if he gets it done here in Indy. Plus it will be fun to have him close enough for me to visit every day and to have mom staying with us for a few days if needed.


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