Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday (feels like Monday) Menu

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
BREAKFAST - 8carb/195cal
[0][0] 4 oz purified water and lots of ice cubes
[3][14] 1 sugarfree philly swirl ice cream pop
[1][20] 2 tbsp organic unsweetened cocoa
[2][90] 1 tbsp peanut butter
[1.5][60] 3/4 scoop of "Whey to Go" vanilla bean whey protein powder
[0][0] dash of organic vanilla extract
[.5][6] 1 tsp cayenne pepper
[0][0] dash of Also Salt
[0][5] 1 pinch of xanthan gum
[0][0] liquid stevia

… spicy and good

Lunch - 1.5carb/140cal
[1.5][140] 2 eggs

Dinner - 8.5carb/400cal
[8.5][400] half of an orange bell pepper with 3oz cream cheese, half ounce of swiss, 1oz lean ground beef

TOTAL 18carb/735cal


  1. I see someone went from 2 tsp of cayenne to 1 tsp. I was really hoping you'd up it to a tablespoon, just so I could read about your reaction. :)

  2. haha ... I'm pretty sure I had a TBSP of cayenne pepper in one of my shakes a few days ago because I thought wow, I need to not use so much next time. I think cayenne pepper is good for me and I like the sting, but a TBSP is a bit much even for me. :D I don't measure the cayenne pepper by the way since the counts are negligible, I just dash it in an eyeball the measurement.


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