Monday, September 7, 2009

WANTED: blessings and a C.U.R.S.E.

Mom called last night to say in a serious voice that dad wanted to talk to me about something. Okay. She handed the phone to dad and dad broke it to me very gently that he was going back into the hospital Wednesday (yes ... THAT hospital ... the one that nearly killed him). Apparently his heart is not getting enough oxygen. He now has angina. He went through a stress test very recently to find this out because he has been having lots of pain when he overdoes it (like helping mom build the half-door for the horse barn). The frustrating thing is that dad had a stress test before his back surgery and his heart was in GREAT condition at that time. (Or he would not have been approved for the back surgery).

He says that he knows the change to his heart is due to the MRSA he contracted at that #$%% hospital in Vincennes. I believe it. I mean, he very nearly died due to that blood infection, it spread to his brain and several vital organs including his kidneys and heart. He suffered severe delirium. Anyway, you guys heard the play-by-play as my family experienced it and I blogged my heart out.

He will be having a heart catheterization done Wednesday at THAT hospital. His doctor will be one that he trusts. Dad had a stent placed in his heart in 2003 by this same doctor and we all are hoping that a stent to open a blocked artery is all that will be required to take care of this current problem. I'll let you guys know what I find out Wednesday. He will be awake and watching the monitor as they do the catheterization so Wednesday isn't all that scary to us. We just hope that it won't turn out to be something more than a stent can fix.

Dad is in good spirits and his hopes are high. He has several buddies who have had worse procedures and who are older than he is and who came through just fine. He is of course concerned but just asked that I say a prayer, especially for his spirit. It freaks me out when he asks that I say a prayer for his soul because I don't want to go through that whole nightmare of almost losing him again.

I'm mentally gearing up today for the next two weeks+ of serious hell at work, no joke. I think I could market a lavender breathing mask with headphone gear (sort of a modified gas mask/deprivation chamber dealy. I'd get Jack Sh!t to come up with a cool name for it like the "Corporate Urgency Regulating Survival Environment". ;) It could maybe even come with a couple of protein shake mini-coolers on top and a straw (like those beer hat things have).


  1. Too late... you already came up with a cool name for it. And I'd order two...

  2. Make that three...

    I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers for your dad.

  3. Your Dad's proven to be one heck of a strong fellow, Oct.

    You'll all be in my thoughts this coming week.

  4. I'd order that too. I'm sending good thoughts to PappaOct and MommaOct too.

  5. Jack - It awesome that you approve of the name. :)

    Patty - Thank you! Very very much appreciated.

    JP - He is strong, probably even stronger than I expected and I've known him my entire life. Thanks for the good thoughts, he needs them.

    Sadekat - I thought about making it like a CPAP, but then thought the protein shake holders would be more useful during the day. :) Thank you for the good thoughts for mom and dad!


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