Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday 9-9-09 Goings-ons

Dad is having his heart catheterization right now. I'm anxious to hear what they find and hopeful the doctor can take care of it by placing a stent right then and there.

Yesterday work went well, I accomplished lots and didn't have much interruption by other work. I hope today goes similarly and then perhaps I won't feel stressed too much and will know that this project can be on track without causing me an overload of anxiety. Anxiety or no, this project will get done on time.

Matt let me know yesterday that the group that was going to handle his LGBT film festival website this year backed out. I've been doing the site for the last couple of years, no charge, and Matt always does the print design materials for the festival each year, no charge. I told him that if anything was needed he could call on me ... with the new resource backing out, I'm needed. I'll be getting that started this weekend for him. The little film festival is certainly picking up speed. I think this is their fourth year and they've gone from hosting it at the dollar theatre on the seedy side of town to actually hosting it in the Indy art museum this year. I hope that gets them much deserved recognition this year. They did get some sponsorship from the LOGO channel (I think that was year before last) and a few celebrities (depending on which films are being shown) have attended the launch party each year. Fun.

I'd better get to work. A block of Rammstein seems to have overtaken my Pandora Radio and thoughts of the 1984 Mac advertising is permeating my mood with sledgehammers and work ethics. ;)

*update on dad
Mom just called to fill me in on the details.

The doctor has delayed the heart catheterization until Friday in order to put dad on two days worth of kidney medication first. The medication is to prevent dad from having to go on dialysis, which dad did not want to happen nor did the doctor.

So, Friday at 10am he will go in to have the heart catheterization done. Because of the kidney medication it will only take 3 hours for the procedure (it was expected to take 8 hours prior to him getting this medication, so that's good).

He will have to spend the night in the hospital and I'm still hoping the doctor can take care of the problem by placing a stent rather than having to schedule open-heart surgery.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are going out to your dad. Here's hoping for the best possible outcome.

  2. Thanks Jack ... much much appreciated!

  3. You have my best wishes and prayers for your dad. {{huggs}}

  4. The film fest sounds cool.

    The well wishes will continue on for Papa Oct. It sounds like both the doc and your dad are on top of things. A good sign.


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