Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday (mom&dad are visiting today!) menu

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BREAKFAST - 5.5carb/210cal
[0][0] 4 oz purified water and lots of ice cubes
[2][10] 2 TBSP unsweetened dark cocoa
[2][90] 1 TBSP peanut butter
[1.5][105] scoop and a half of "Whey to Go" vanilla bean whey protein powder. I just realized I've been counting it at double the carbs that it actually is!
[0][0] dash of organic vanilla extract
[0][0] tiny dash of Sea Salt
[0][5] 1 pinch of xanthan gum
[0][0] liquid stevia

Lunch - 2carb/164cal
I threw an Atkins bar into my lunch bag as I rushed out the door ... maybe I'll get an unwich from Jimmy Johns instead of the frankenfood if I can get out of here for a quick lunch.
*update - I went with the unwich :)

[2][164] "unwich" from Jimmy Johns (lettuce wrap, slice of provolone cheese, deli turkey)

Dinner - 1carb/380cal
something low carb for me and I don't know what yet. Dad has specifically requested padd thai from the take-out place he remembers me picking up from last time he visited my place (like 8ish years ago!) *update ... the Thai House restaurant is closed up. :( Damned economy! I'm actually very sad to see that place gone ... the old couple were such sweeties and it's a shame.
[0][220] 2 steak-ums
[1][160] 2 slices of cheese

TOTAL 8.5carb/754cal

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