Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What will I be?

JP(Harry) inquired as to what I will be for Halloween this year. Since it is my birthday the holiday has always felt extra special to me. I don't dress up EVERY year however. THIS year though ... hmm ...

Two years ago I dressed up. I went to Target and bought pajamas in the largest size I could find (this was BEFORE I had lost 100+ pounds ya know) and I bought a huge bath robe, some big hair curlers, fuzzy pink slippers and a big round hair brush. Halloween was on a work day and I planned to dress up in all of the above and to have my face covered in a thick, green facial mask. All went as planned except that the pajamas were too small. They have been in the Target bag, stashed in my room, ever since.

So THIS year, now that I've lost 100+ pounds, perhaps I'll just wear those pajamas to work on Halloween. :) I'll skip the rest of the crap ... no way I'm spending an entire work day in rollers and a face mask again. Pajamas that used to be too small and have never been worn and a pair of fuzzy slippers should be a great (and comfortable!) birthday outfit. :)

Here is a vid of my creative director dressed as a Nascar fan (I will probably remove this shortly so watch it today). :) from last Halloween's celebration. I not only did not dress up but I took my birthday off so wasn't even there.

We have had a tradition of having a gingerbread man decorating contest at work for the last few years. I actually won year before last and I think I posted pics of my gingerbread man. I did an "Operation Game" themed gingerbread man with gummies cut into the shapes of the game pieces. It was fun. :)


  1. Very funny
    I always dress up for Halloween
    ok - really I never do, but think I have,
    so it still counts!

  2. I just love Halloween, or at least I did when I was younger. (and I don't mean as a kid) Until the last ten years or so, I really got into it.
    Loved coming up with costumes and going to friend's parties. Alas, getting old sometimes just sucks!

  3. I don't get to dress up at work, no fair! Halloween was a big deal in my itty bitty hometown. We had a huge festival the whole town went to.

  4. anne - what did you dress as? :) i love Halloween. Maybe it's love for being allowed to be someone else for the day.

    Char - Halloween doesn't stop for age ... or it had better not because I plan to enjoy it every year for the rest of my life! I might not be dressing as a french maid, but I'll still be enjoying the atmosphere. :)

    Sadekat - ooh, a hometown Halloween festival is so fun. I miss living in a small town!


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