Friday, September 25, 2009

What'd you call me???

My new scale says I'm fat (well it says how much of me is fat). My new scale arrived and I gave that bad boy a try for the first time this morning. Wee!

174.8 weight.
36% body fat.
42% water.

Before you men-folks freak out, healthy male body fat percentage is lower than female levels. It's partially the fault of the lovely lady lumps I guess. For my age, I'm in the "Overweight" range. Healthy is a range of 21-33% for females of my height and age.


  1. Hey cool chart!
    I drive a truck - no trunk - but actually much more room for junk!

  2. By that I meant, junk in the trunk - lumps, etc.... *er, uh, ya know...*

  3. How's your Dad doing and how is he handling the fame of his televised operation? No annoying papparazi I hope. :)

  4. I don't have that exact scale but one that also does BF & H2O. Lots of times when I'm feeling super blah about how my week has been I take the "just weigh me" option so I don't have to deal with the knowledge of the rest of it :)

  5. Look at it this way ... you're only 3% off from being in the healthy range! It's just a matter of time.

  6. anne - I'm having a yard sale to get rid of some of that junk in my trunk. :)

    Sadekat - dad is doing great. he was soooo close to having a heart attack (said the surgeon) and they nearly couldn't get the stent into the spot that was 90+ percent blocked. they were successful though and dad is feeling better already! he might need a blood transfusion soon (his kidneys just don't make red blood cells fast enough now) but overall he feels like a new man and no longer is having those horrible chest pains!

    karen - I got this one because our old scale wouldn't weight Cro. I told him whether or not this one worked for him could be his own secret, but I set up a user for him and he told me his body water rating, so I have an idea that it worked just fine. :) I'm liking the new scale, it seems much more solid and I have a lot more confidence in its accuracy. The old scale would give me a slightly different weight if I would get on and off multiple times. The new one is committed to the same reading every time if I try to trick it like that.

    JP - Yes! Good way to look at it in a positive light. I'll most certainly get there.

  7. Yay Dad! I have been praying like crazy for him.

  8. aww, thank you so much Donna. :) They prayers must have gotten a positive answer because he came through ok and is doing much better.


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