Friday, October 9, 2009

The "ayes" have it

My neuro-opthamologist doc's office called to let me know that she had spoken to the LASIK docs that she mentioned and they have no issue with my MS ... so a LASIK consultation is the next step baby! Woot. (I said that, not the doc, lol.)

Happy fact ... the two LASIK docs that she knows happen to work out of the same medical group that she does. No wonder she knows them! So I know it is a great facility (I've been there several times over the last 10 years for my MS).

I looked up the docs and they both appear to be top quality ... also a plus.

I'm just afraid of what the expense will be, but I suppose that is part of what the consultation is for. I'll see if I can get a ballpark number out of them when I make the appointment. First consultation is free at least. :/

I'm a little more excited about it after that call. :) If it costs too much for me to handle at least I can start saving for that definite number (which is an unknown to me right now) and have it done at a future date. It's so cool to know that my MS isn't going to prevent me from having LASIK and some day I won't be so bothered by my eyes. Hurrah!


  1. I'm so glad that they can still give you LASIK!!

  2. Good news indeed!

    Charm those doctors into giving you a good deal! :)

  3. Angie - They will still have to go over my MS history, but since Dr. Purvin is right in the same building and they know her, that will be easy for them to do and to consult with her. They could still find a reason to say no, but I'm happy to have them going over my records rather than just giving me an outright denial.

    JP - they've already given me the exact price and it reflects a 15 percent discount due to my company being a Chamber of Commerce member. Yay. :) It is a little more expensive than other places I've seen, but they give me the benefit of confidence that they are a quality practice and of knowing my MS doctor who is in the same building.


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