Friday, October 30, 2009

Bday news

Far left: My old fat-faced license photo.
Middle: My new license photo!
Far right: Me holding up my new license photo.

I got two very wonderful gifts yesterday. The first was my new license photo! I can't properly express the joy I feel when I peek at this new license photo. It clearly shows (well, not in the bad copies I'm posting here, but believe me it does) just how far I've come in my weight loss efforts. This is the best license photo I've ever taken. That includes the license photo that I claimed was the best ever in a post I made last year. This new photo puts me on top of the world. I've got plenty more pounds to shed, but I'm not embarrassed at all at the weight I've so far achieved. What a great feeling. :)

The second gift is a mokume gane pendant that Cro forged for me. That guy is so talented. More than he even knows. He got a titanium chain (because my skin is sensitive to most jewelry metals). He suggested that on my actual birthday (Saturday) we go to the jewlery store where we ordered our wedding rings (also mokume gane) to get a second chain in a more delicate style for everyday wear.

And to bring the news back down ... dad is in the hospital again. He has a damaged muscle in his heart wall after all that he's been through. His blood pressure was dangerously high yesterday and he was having great pain so mom took him to the emergency room. They think he'll be fine but are going to keep him overnight (last night) and the doctor will see him this morning.


  1. "Hottie" as they say!
    I saw an Old Navy commercial, talking about stripes - the new deal!
    And I thought of you, this past summer, wearing your stripes!
    Sending Dad good thoughts right now.

  2. hehe, ty anne. :) I've often thought twice about that old "horizontal stripes make you look fatter" myth. I say myth because I tend to gravitate toward horizontal stripes. Fat or not, I don't think they make me look any different than what I actually am. Thanks for the good thoughts for dad. I just called and the nurse says that he is doing well. They are going to put him on a different blood pressure medicine and I hope that turns out to benefit him rather than messing with someone else that he takes and making things worse in another way. *smacks self* Think positive, right? :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad, but "DAMN" on the difference in the two pics. You're undergone quite a transformation. You have every reason to feel proud of what you've accomplished!

  4. HEY - and best of all -
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
    And Many More...❤

  5. What a transformation! You were pretty before... now you are like glam/gorgeous! Check out those collarbones.... ;)

  6. *grinning stupidly* Thanks guys. :) It is just cool to see that I actually look decent from the unbiased eye of the driver's license camera. When I take my own pic from the computer I can always wonder if the pic is telling the truth. I guess it's that body dismorphia thing where I don't trust what I see. A driver's license photo though, I trust that I do look like that because hey, 95% of my drivers license photos have been worthy of nothing but hiding in my wallet! A good driver's license photo is a great bday gift!

  7. I forgot to mention... Cro is soooo talented! Wow!!! The craftsmanship is incredible...

  8. Wow, what a difference. I have been wanting to share the license photo too. I still don't have a new one.
    You are looking great. I know how you must be feeling.
    Sorry about Dad.

  9. SMOKIN' HAWT!!!!!!!!!!

    Sending Dad & Mom some good thoughts.

    You have fun jewelry shopping on your birthday :)


  10. Happy Birthday, Oct!

    I agree with the rest of the crowd ... you're looking great. Not just thinner but healthier too.

    Cro's gift is really something else. I always feel as though gifts that are made are more meaningful than gifts that are bought.

    I hope you have a truly joyful and memorable birthday tomorrow. Have lots of fun!

    I'll keep a hopeful and positive thought for Papa Oct. I'm sorry he's going through this.

  11. Thank you everyone. JP, Donna, Marjie, LCD, anne, Jack, and all of the others who regularly give me comments of support, knowledge, humor, and inspiration ... you are all very VERY special to me and I hope you know it. It's the start of a great birthday and another great year. (Dad is doing better and might be able to go home today too!)

  12. really sorry to hear about your dad... happy birthday, hang in there and HAWT!


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