Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday week :D

Like a kid, I am excited about my birthday. :)

Cro was sick ALL weekend and is still feeling not so great. He is a bit better than he was at the beginning of the weekend and I hope the two days of sleeping will mean recovery soon. He has to work sick today (as he did Thursday and Friday). I suspect that working while sick is what is causing him to still BE sick.

Even though sick, he insisted on fixing my sandal last night at 1am. Silly sweet guy. He also insisted on making his veggy-beef soup Friday night even though he didn't feel well. He worried all weekend that I would get sick too, but I think my superpowered immune system is the one good aspect of having MS. Not sick yet and hope it stays that way. I've been taking lots of those "Airborne" Probiotic effervescent vitamins to be on the safe side.

My birthday is Saturday! Yay. And I've asked for Thursday and Friday as vacation days even though I'll probably spend them alone (Cro can't have vacation from his job yet). I'll probably end up working from home anyway since I have a big project to present to a client on Tuesday of next week. Working from home means I don't get distracted by other projects though, which will be a good chance to focus solely on that project.

Matt plans to treat me to a movie (Where The Wild Things Are) Sunday or Monday after work (my choice of which day). I suggested Monday after work since Matt lives downtown and my office is downtown too. He says he also has goodies (presents) for me. Fun! We treat each other to a little birthday celebration every year and it's always a great time.

Reflecting on last year at this time:
  • Cro rented a cabin for us for the whole week of my birthday.
  • I had only lost 60ish pounds at the time (I'm at over 100 lost to date now)
  • Dad was still trying to have his back surgery scheduled
  • I ate only 23 carbs per day then
  • I was proud of how far I'd come and looking forward to future weight loss (nothing changed in that respect)
  • And here's my blog post on this day last year. :D It's so nice to have it to review.
And that brings me to my latest adjustment regarding my way of eating. I am going back to my LC roots (meaning doing more of what I did a year ago). I won't be counting calories any longer (not officially anyway) and I will be more concerned with keeping my carbs under 30. I had allowed the carbs to creep up to the 40s and sometimes 50s in favor of obsessing over calories. Calories ARE important but for me, carbs are the thing I think I should be focusing on.

So, here goes the tiny adjustment and truly, when my carbs are low I believe I naturally keep the calories low too. Recording the number of calories makes me a bit obsessive. 500 calorie days are just too low and I know that, I've known that for a long time and yet I still write down those numbers and I still try to outdo myself each week with a smaller number.

That's not working. Not healthy. Not something I can do as a way of life. So no more aiming for 500 calorie days (I will still be conscious of them though :)).


  1. Yay for birthday week! I wonder what Cro has up his sleeve for this year? Hmm

    Hope you had a great day.

  3. SheZug ... I don't know if he has anything planned since he is still so new to his job and money is still tight. Plus he found out that I don't love surprises as much as he loves them. I ruined things for him T_T by telling him several months ago that I like to know where I'm going in advance so I can anticipate and savor it before it happens ... so I'm pretty sure we are just having a weekend at home. It will still be nice I'm sure.

    Marjie - thank you! :)


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