Friday, October 23, 2009


The facts:

Started at 177 pounds on Monday morning.

Monday 18.5carbs and 530calories total for the day.
1 protein shake (breakfast)
2 yogurts (lunch)
3 yogurts (dinner)

*lost almost a pound*
Tuesday 19carbs and 555calories total for the day.
1 protein shake (breakfast)
3 yogurts (lunch)
2 yogurts (dinner)

*lost a pound*
Wednesday 17carbs and 550calories for the day.

1 protein shake and 1 yogurt (breakfast)
2 yogurts (lunch)
1 protein shake and 1 yogurt (dinner)

*gained almost a pound*
Thursday 19carbs and 580 calories for the day.
1 protein shake and 1 yogurt (breakfast)
2 yogurts (lunch)
1 protein shake and 1 yogurt (dinner)

*gained a pound*

So I'm back up to 177 pounds on Friday morning.

WTHeck! I was so hungry and it took a lot of mental strength to get through those 4 days. I did it because I thought I'd see good results. What messed up???

There are only two things that I can pinpoint. Perhaps having whey protein in the evening is bad for weight loss? I had heard a rumor of something like that but chose to ignore it since I've been having shakes in the morning for weeks and weeks. I honestly feel blindsided and hurt (emotionally) that I starved for 4 days with determination that I was doing it for a reason. Apparently it was all for naught. :/

Rather than saying f-it! and throwing in the towel this only makes me want to continue the yogurt/shake thing next week but see how it goes with only having shakes in the morning. *sigh* I really don't know what I plan to do yet but I will certainly not be throwing in the towel.

The second of the two things that is a suspect on my mind is sublingual vitamin B12. I had run out of these after taking them for weeks and weeks. Because I've heard that vitamins are not absorbed by the body as well as foods I have always taken 3 or 4 times the recommended dosage of vitamins ... especially anything that indicates it might help my MS. I restocked vitamin B12 at my grocery trip Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I had gained a pound but didn't think too much of it. Small fluctuations happen. THIS morning though, I've gained another pound and am back to where I started the week.

So yeah, I took 5 sublingual vitamin B12 Wednesday and another 5 on Thursday. Did that cause my gain?

I had a whey protein shake Wednesday evening and I had a whey protein shake for dinner Thursday evening. Did THAT cause my gain?

One of those two things HAD to have caused me to gain. I only wish I knew which one without having to go through several more days of investigation on the guesses. I was so close to disposing of the remainder of the vitamin B12 this morning. I just bought another $40 container of whey protein Wednesday. I'm by no means made of money and my body seems to be hyper-calibrated to gain at the drop of a feather. I can't afford to make mistakes like this monetarily nor dietarily.

And that brings me to my plan. I will use only half a scoop of whey protein and will only have shakes for breakfast and never later in the day. I will also put aside the B12 until I read more about it. It is sublingual but sweetened with sucralose (I'm pretty sure that Splenda is sucralose).

Does anyone have insight into either of these two things?


In other bad news. Yesterday a tanker truck ran off the ramp of an overpass on the northeast side of town and exploded. No one was killed though several where hospitalized I believe. The accident destroyed the overpass in a very busy part of the city and everyone who works, lives or has meetings between here and there is being rerouted (which is tons and tons of people). There is no eta for when the bridge will be rebuilt and reopened but it could be many many months. Since Matt works on the northeast side it probably is causing him grief too.

And in other bad news, the National FFA group had a huge gather in Indy yesterday. One of the teens fell over 3 stories within the big mall that is only a couple of blocks from where I work. The boy is in critical condition and the city flew his parents in from Texas last night. I hope he lives. :(

And in more bad news Cro has the flu but can't take off work. He worked sick yesterday and is going to work sick today. His company requires that employees earn their vacation time and sick time before any can be taken. I was rather appalled to learn that he has to earn sick time. I've never worked for a company that didn't have sick days available to you right away if you need them. If you use the allotted amount you have to take unpaid time off, but you don't have to work sick either way!

And in the last bit of bad news for today (I hope!!!), my boss just told us that one of his daughters has the flu and that it's H1N1.

And to continue the trend of bad news ... a couple of the blogs on my blogroll are not detecting when an update has been posted. Here's a screenshot that shows a suspicious little red x next to one of them that isn't working right. I don't know how to fix this, does anyone know?


  1. Hey Oct
    Sometimes I can't go over 75 or 100 g of protein in a day or else...
    Rough stuff otherwise - one day at a time applies here, as well !

  2. All I can think of, is that, like most people - perhaps you have a dairy sensitivity.

    I also think that starving yourself doesn't always yield results for some time. I've known anorexics that eat 200-300 calories a day, and it still takes them weeks to lose a pound. Your body knows when its not going to get enough food, and so it'll store absolutely everything it can.

    I'm sorry your experiment didn't work :-( I know how you feel. :-/

    I don't think you should continue with this, though, I think you should be nicer to your body :-) And perhaps it'll be nicer to you!

  3. anne - I don't even know how much protein I get. I don't want another thing to keep track of though. *feels like crying*

    Chai - I'm sure I do have a dairy sensitivity because lactose bothers my stomach sometimes. It hasn't bothered me at all this week and I did lose on the first two days. I still think it's either the whey in the evenings or the sublingual sweetened B12. I hear you though. I'll try to stop forcing things and just listen to my body. Eat when I'm hungry and don't when I'm not sort of thing. That means I'm going to be eating more than my 600calorie days though. I dunno. Thanks for the comments! You've got me thinking and I know you go through similar struggles to figure out why why why! Sometimes things make no sense.

  4. Yikes! That's alot of bad going on right now. I hope Cro feels better soon. That is awful about his company not offering sick time. Maybe if he gets a doctors note...?
    I can't offer any advice on the weightloss front since my body likes to gain and lose without making since at all. I am actually forbidding myself to get on the scale right now because I don't want to possibly discourage myself.
    I just noticed my blog didn't update on your blogroll. Hmm...

    I hope your boss' daughter will be alright.

  5. hey oct, i'm sorry your plan didn't work out... but i must say i agree with chai. i see the numbers you post, and it makes me hungry for you. maybe your body is saying "hell no!" i hope you figure out what's best for you in the long run.

    poor cro! i hope he gets better, it's terrible to not have any rest to recuperate when you're sick.

  6. Sorry for the rough times, Oct. It's been a harsh week for us too. Maddy was in a car accident last week - though she's mostly okay ... thank God! The car however is pretty much totaled. The repairs are expected to take at least 6 weeks.

    I've never heard of Vitamin B12 causing water retention or promoting weight gain (except for in premature babies).

    We also know of at least one person who has been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. In fact, she was prohibited from traveling because of it. She had to be tested and confirmed to be disease-free before she could move!

    I wish I could tell you what's going on with your weight. Do you think you may be lacking in dietary fat? I don't know how much fat is in the yogurt and if you're adding any to your shakes. If not, that *could* be part of the problem.

    I hope this weekend and upcoming week prove to be leaps and bounds better than the last one.

    My best to you and Cro!

  7. SheZug (hehe, fun to call you that) - Cro is still sick today but is crashed out on the couch comfortably. At least he has today and tomorrow to get as much rest as he can and feel better! The sweet guy still made veggy-beef soup last night because he supports me so much. Even though I told him many times to not do it, that I would do it, that there are lots of other things to eat, to go to bed! he still made soup for me. What a lovely man. I'm so thankful to have him (but not for his soup, lol ... for his heart!).

    laura - I'm getting to the point where I think I might just go back to my menus from a year ago. I know they worked so at least I wouldn't be able to blame the food. I'll give it some more time though and try to get in a bit more calories. It's just stinks ... calories in-calories out doesn't work when the body is smarter than that I guess.

    JP - Oh my gosh I'm so glad she is mostly okay!!! Please give her my best wishes. Car accidents are so scary (I almost had a bad one Friday and avoided it by just a tiny tiny margin ... but don't tell Cro, he would be so worried for me since my drive to work is much longer than his drive.) Is Maddy hospitalized? I hope she's home safe where you can pamper her.

    Thanks for affirming that you haven't heard of B12 causing gain. I just don't know what did. I'm so tempted to just not eat until it comes back off but I know that isn't the way to fix this problem. More fat, hmm. Well I did buy another jar of coconut oil yesterday so I could try adding some of that to my diet again.

    I hope you and Mad have a great week too!


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