Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cluck Cluck Goose - pork BBQ and a gory zombie-man

Cro took an unpaid sick day off work yesterday. He has been sick for several days and I feel bad for him. That makes three days of sleep so I hope it's ready to leave and let him get back to health! His company is expecting him to bring his (now locally famous) North Carolina style pork BBQ for a carry-in lunch Friday. He expressed worry that he needs to buy the slab of pork soon to get that started. He's sick darn-it! They can't give him a paid sick day but they still ask him to make a specific delicacy to the work carry-in. Silly people. He'll do it though because he is just that kind of guy. A true sweety who stops at nothing to exceed expectations (even for a work carry-in lunch). Yeah, I'm proud of him.

My friend Tom has just begun a foray into raising chickens. :) Talk about a sweety. He lives in the city but has turned his yard into a chicken run. He asked on facebook if anyone knew what plants he could landscape the chicken yard with that the hens would leave alone. I googled it and it seems there is a good list.

Here's what I found just in case anyone else is interested:
Grape Hyacinth
Box Juniper
Flowering Currents
French & Runner Bean Plants (but will eat the beans)

Tomorrow is my Friday. Woot. Four day birthday weekend. :) I have no idea what I'm going to do yet but I'm sure it will be nice. Maybe I'll go shopping and I definitely have to get my drivers license renewed (it expires Saturday!). I'm very much looking forward to the new license photo of the thinner me.

Today and tomorrow I will kick butt on the project that I will be presenting to a client on Tuesday of next week, and probably also put out a lot of fires that crop up, as usual. I love my job. :) I really do. The challenges are fun and I love the high I get after making it through a big stressful push successfully.

When I got home last night, Cro had the television on some gory exorcist film (not the popular one that we all know of ... this one was called "Exorcist The Beginning". OMG gross. I had just sat down with a hot bowl of veggy-beef soup and was greeted by a puss-faced bloody monster-dude filling the large screen of our tv. It wasn't long at all before I had to take my soup in the other room to finish. I can't watch gory crap like that let alone eat in front of it. Eww. Eww. Eww. Cro offered the remote and said I could watch whatever I like but I didn't want to change his choice of late night tv. Still, I wasn't watching that. I may be a Halloween baby but I don't like blood and gore. Eww.

*11:29 update
WOOT ... I've finished my comp for presentation and the strategist had small revision comments, I made them, she loves the results. Now what am I going to do? *laughs as I pretend I'm all done but know that there are many things that I'll be getting a jump-start on with this extra time* Creative director still needs to look at the comps and then I'll make his suggested revisions and breath easy. :)


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