Wednesday, October 14, 2009


All's quiet on the blogger front. I guess I'll take the cue and be quiet too. I'll very likely post updates later but if not, I hope you all have a great day (and find your voices so I don't feel so lonely here!).


  1. Howdy, Oct. :-)

    Just dropping by to keep you company for a moment. It's raining in our little part of the world. I like it a lot. Sure wish it rained more often.

    I've been battling life lately. Trying to appeal to the better parts of myself and seeing the sunnier side of life. Mad's been uber busy with work. Lots of projects up in the air.

    We had the pleasure of seeing my folks this past weekend. That was a pleasant break from the hectic and stressful pace of the rest of our days. It's a real blessing that Dad and Mom are both reasonably healthy and thriving in their retirement years.

    I haven't seen any movies lately. Therefore, nothing to recommend or warn about. I try to catch every episode of Dexter and Mad Men though. That's about all I can fit in ... viewing wise.

    I hope today treats you in the kindest possible way. Please send my best to Cro and Mama and Papa Oct. Y'all take care now, ya hear? :-)

  2. Thanks JP. :) It was great to hear from you, I was starving for blogger communication today and your words are like a welcomed drink of cool water.

    I hope you win out and find some of that sun ... I'll send it your way if I see any, but since you are on the west coast it might not be there until morning.

    I'm happy that you got to see your parents over the weekend ... I always love seeing mom and dad. There is just something about parents, they love unconditionally and see the good in everything I do. I'm sure yours feel the same about you.

    I haven't seen any new movies either. Cro and I went looking for 9 but it must have been too late. We'll watch it on cable when it becomes available. Matt will be taking me to see something for my birthday but I'm not sure what we will choose to see yet. He is an awesome and long-time friend. We've been friends since the first days of college.

    Say hi to Mad for us (hope her busy work schedule calms down soon. Best wishes from both Cro and I (yes, he hears about all of my blog pals regularly) to you both. :)

  3. Hiya, I noticed it's been very quiet around the blogs lately. Maybe a seasonal transition?

    I've been looking for a few different type blogs to read lately. I like your blogroll because I can click on so many links within each one.

    I need to make a blogroll on my page too huh?

  4. Thanks, Oct! :-)

    Hope you're having some sweet dreams right about now!

  5. All quiet over's raining here, too...a gentle nurturing rain that kind of reflects my mood...calm and happy with nothing least for now.
    *sigh* of relief....

  6. Sadekat - quiet blog is a lonely blog. Thanks for posting and keeping me company. I can't wait to here about your thoughts on the paleo diet. The guy who sits across from me at work tried that (and gave up, darn it). He was doing it for health and not weight loss though. The dude is slim slim slim. It does sound very healthy, and you can have nuts and fruit. yum. I like the blogroll because it lets me know at a glance when someone I read had updated and gives me a tiny glimpse at the topic.

    JP - I wasn't in bed at 9:45pm ... but close. :)

    anne - that mood sounds like a good one. I like rain but don't care for getting wet if it's cold. I start wearing glasses tomorrow in prep for my LASIK consultation (no contact lenses). I won't like the rain at all once I have to worry about glasses getting smudged.


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