Friday, October 16, 2009

Fat Friday

I gained. :( For some unknown reason this week has been particularly tough to deprive myself and keep to my normal routine. I promised myself that I wouldn't weigh this week, knowing how much stress I would be experiencing from work. I HAD TO (on pain of death) pull a design together that after a week of work I still wasn't happy with. Then present that design to our internal team knowing that whatever revisions coming out of that meeting would have to be completed in plenty of time to have it ready for client presentation yesterday. It all worked out absolutely great, the work came together (to my relief and joy), the team loved it, the client loved it, and my main source of stress for the week was actually due to not being able to weigh. *sigh*

Since I won't break those little promises to myself (it's a handy mild-OCD thing that I use to my advantage) I couldn't weigh until this morning and I knew before I got on the scale that I'd failed.

Yep. 177 again. :( I don't think I will be promising myself to stay off the scale in future. If I feel like it is going to cause me extra stress to worry about it on a certain day then fine, I can always choose not to weigh that day. Not weighing for a whole week makes it easier to let my strict calorie/carb counts slide a little.

Anyway, I catered to my stresses rather than being my normal control-freak self and I reaped the rewards (punishments) of that. The good from this is that I get the joy of losing those 3 pounds all over again. I'm being facetious. Since without my scale to confirm the gain I ignored the signs (with impending dread) for a week. I'm sure these 3 pounds won't slip off as easily as small fluctuations I've easily dropped in a day's time in the past. Live and learn and keep going.

Knowing that I couldn't weigh until today and knowing that I wasn't adhering to a super-strict diet I've been exercising lots this week. I've been trying to find things that I can do that won't cause foot-drop from the MS. I'm able to do sit-ups, leg lifts, push-ups and use my elliptical. I was excited about the push-ups ... I've always hated those but all the pain The Biggest Loser people go through inspired me to do them anyway. My muscles are sore but I'm liking this. :)

Does this pouty-frown make me look fat?

Today is the first day of a long haul (several weeks) with glasses rather than contact lenses as I give my eyes a rest in preparation for the LASIK consultation. Wearing glasses makes me feel like a dork ... I miss the freedom provided by my contact lenses. Too bad there isn't a way to hide fat like contact lenses allows me to hide the fact that I'm near-sighted. Why are some people born with so many things that need to be corrected? I had a big nose (had rhinoplasty) had big boobs (had a breast reduction) am nearsighted (trying to get LASIK) and am overweight (so I'm low-carbing and restricting calories). It really isn't fair but I guess it could be worse. I could have things that there are no corrections for ... oh wait, I have MS. :P But with an LC diet and avoiding aspartame I deal with that very well too. I guess my lot in life is to DEAL WITH IT. lol.


  1. Don't forget to celebrate your overall success.... You are really doing quite fabulously. Glad everybody liked your design :)


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