Monday, October 12, 2009


I bought a new outfit in preparation for my client presentation Thursday. So at least I will not feel awkward regarding how I look but I still have lots to do before I'm confident in the work. Today and tomorrow have to be kick-ass days of work on that project. I know that blogging about stress over work projects isn't the most exciting thing to read so I'll cut that short and talk about something else.

I purchased 3 packs of YoPlus Light yogurt with intention of having it for lunch each day this week. They aren't terrible regarding carbs, are low calorie, have active cultures (which I've heard might eat some of the carb so that is good) and they don't contain aspartame (to me, that's very important). I also read that Kroger has a yogurt brand called CarbMaster which contains much less carbs than the YoPlus and is not sweetened with aspartame. I made a trip to Kroger last night and actually found it! Yay. It is 4 carbs per serving and 1 gram of fiber. I brought one of each for lunch today so I'll let you know what I think.

I called mom and dad last night. Mom wanted me to ask Cro about a photo of a man holding a large dead rattlesnake that is causing a buzz in their community right now. Cro was able to find the exact photo she described (man in light colored shirt and dark pants holding a huge dead rattlesnake in front of him on a stick, three buildings in the distance behind him) on the internet and promised that we would print and mail it to her. It is a photo that has been circulating for a good while and is a well-known hoax. Mom will have the fun of shooting down the rumors. Below is a couple of versions of the photo. Sure, it's a real snake but it certainly wasn't killed/found local to mom and dad nor even recently.

Same snake, different hoaxer.


  1. I wonder if that's my daughter's snake that we lost when she was outta town...

  2. Same snake oil, different hoaxer - sounds like the Low Carb slash Weight Loss world to me!

  3. this is exactly why I love My Dad sends me pictures like this, or some new warning we all have to watch out for. I go look them up and email him the link for a little friendly dig.


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