Sunday, October 11, 2009

LASIK update

The LASIK docs are now reviewing my history from my MS doc who conveniently has her office in the same medical building and is sharing my records with them. She is right there if they need to consult with her too and she has already talked to them about me. :) If they find a reason not to allow LASIK for me I am prepared to accept that and not try to go around them to a cheap (we'll do anything) type of office. If they say no I'm sure it will be because it is too much of a risk. I don't want cheap docs who will do it regardless to be in charge of this if there is too much risk according to the good docs.

They have given me the exact costs which includes a 15% discount due to my company being a Chamber of Commerce member. Nice! It will cost $3360 total, including a 2 hour exam prior to the procedure which could still disqualify me (if my cornias are too thin for example).

If they say yes to the exam, I need to stop wearing my contact lenses right away so that my eyes will be in the best shape possible come exam time. Ick ... glasses. But it's sort of fun to hope that I'll be wearing glasses soon (because I hope I hope I hope they say yes to the exam after reviewing my MS charts).

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