Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I bought a pack of Activa strawberry yogurt this morning, hoping to find YoPlus light, but no luck at Walgreens and I was in a rush to get to work. Activia has active cultures and that is what I was looking for. I heard somewhere that active cultures might eat some of the carbs ... dunno but I thought it was worth a try. Plus I saw that Bob gave a Yoplait yogurt to one of The Biggest Losers and said that it was the only one with vitamin D. I need more vitamins! I didn't get the light version both for fear of aspartame (poison ick) and due to the fact that Walgreens did not have the light version. :)

So, strawberry Activia it is. 110 calories and 19 carbs. Sigh, more carbs than I wanted but if I do a zero-carb dinner it will be fine. It also has a few vitamins I think, but not much.
*I changed my mind already. I'll skip the high-sugar yogurt and just have a lettuce wrap from Jimmy John's instead. :)

YoPlus light has active cultures, no aspartame and is 70 calories and 12 carbs. If I buy yogurt in the future I will make a special trip to the grocery for YoPlus ... and not settle for something else in a rush to get to work.

I called mom this morning. She has lost the 5 pounds that she gained from her homemade pie binge (yay mom) and decided not to go on the yogurt diet with my aunts since she doesn't need to lose more weight. She also praised me for telling her years ago that sugar and starch increase inflammation (apparently her rheumatoid arthritis doc recently told her the same thing).

When I keep the carbs low and avoid aspartame life is good. The health part anyway, it hasn't given me luck with my lottery tickets yet. :P

Speaking of lottery tickets, I picked some up last night at a gas station. The gas station attendant thought it would be a good idea to hit on me ... heavily. First he asked my name. I hesitated a moment and then said my name was Carry.
"Carry?", he asked in an accent (I think he was Turkish since he looked a bit like Mr. Sadekat's photos ... but he certainly was not of Mr. Sadekat's caliber).
"Carry.", I agreed.
"Where do you live?" he asked.
"Around here. Northside." I said with a big sweeping hand motion to show that it was somewhere within this large area of the city (not close and definitely not specific).
"I remember you." he said. "I never forget a pretty girl."
"Do you work?" He asked.
Hmm, now I know what you are up to. I thought.
"Yes." I said.
"Where do you work?" he asked.
"On the east side." I lied.
"Where? What do you do?" He asked.
"At an agency. An art agency." I tried to be vague but wasn't completely successful.
"Oh! You are an artist!" he claimed excitedly.
"Yeah." I said.
"When will you stop by here again? Do you come here often." he asked.
"Umm, once a week." I said uncomfortably. (Like I'll be back ... not.)
"But I never see you and I work all hours." he said.
Hmm, but you said you have seen me before and never forget a pretty girl. I thought skeptically.
"Bye." I said as I grabbed up my lottery purchase and headed for the door.
"Come back soon. Don't forget ... don't forget!" he called after me.

I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted that he thought I was easy pickings. I guess since I imagine that everyone sees me as a fat loser, I'm insulted. Yes, I know that is my own internal issue and not necessarily the opinion of the world. :P

By the way, I often try to read the numbers of my clock upside-down and backwards to see what words they make. Sort of the way kids will spell BOOBS with their calculators. This morning before I opened my eyes I specifically thought "The clock has a message for me this morning." I opened my eyes to 3:17.


  1. Dear Oct,

    I think this is the info. about the yogurt you were referring to:

  2. Did you know that Dannon, maker of Activa, lost a 35million dollar lawsuit for false advertising?
    I have never figured out how they can say milk regulates anything. Glad they lost.
    Milk is very inflammatory and hard to digest as far as I know.
    Glad you didn't have the sugar laden stuff. Good for you.

  3. Time is a thief AND a liar, it seems....

    Easy pickings?
    No, the FAT CHICK is the easy one. Easy pickin's!
    She's so desperate and lonely, she'll "do"

  4. JP - yes, I did read that article and it's where I learned that active cultures might consume some of the carbs. Thanks for finding it, it was good to read again.

    Marjie - I just couldn't bring myself to risk eating the Activia when I had doubts. YoPlus Light yogurt sounds much more reasonable regarding carbs AND doesn't list aspartame as an ingredient. :)

  5. anne - Well I AM the fat chick ... that's what I meant by feeling like he thought I was easy pickings. I have a bit of a complex about my looks but I'm working on it and I doubt my excess weight even comes to mind for most people in day-to-day life.

    I was mostly amused by the attempted pick up. He was a nice looking fellow even though he was obviously seeking a needy girl with a job.


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