Thursday, October 8, 2009

OMG i have a stomach ache

I finished lunch about half an hour ago. My stomach feels like it's full of concrete. :( Angry angry concrete. Maybe it's a combination of concrete and Wolverine from the Xmen trying to tear his way straight out mah belly. owy owy owy. It's only 1:54 and I have deadlines that require me to keep working ... aaargghhh. owy owy. I need some pepto or something.

A guy here gave me some alka-seltzer which I took about 30 minutes ago. My stomach is still hurting and very upset. I emailed Cro and mentioned it. Since he knows that spicy stuff has never bothered me before and I actually ate quite a few jalapeƱos without issue at our company anniversary lunch a few days ago, he thought this might be bad sour cream. *booooo!* Whatever it is, it still hurts. Sorry for the play-by-play ... but grrr!


  1. I ate some bad sour cream that had been in the car for like, 5 days.
    When I got back from vacation, someone had put it in the fridge instead.
    I was so sick - Bummer of a way to end a *vacation* :(
    Hope you are better soon.
    This, too, shall *PASS*

  2. It's been *PASSing* alright. :P Maybe I'll hear about lots of people being sick when I turn on the news tonight. grrr. Sorry that your vacation *ended* badly.

  3. Nah - it's all good...
    Sorry you're not on the mend....yet...

  4. feeling lots better this morning. Darn, I thought I might have a reason to work from home if I didn't feel better. At least it's Friday. :)

  5. Yay - it was just induction/ re-induction flu?


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