Thursday, October 15, 2009

On with the show ...

I have to present my work to a client at 1pm and I have loads of other things due by end of week ... but the weekend is rolling in and I'm looking forward to it! I'm wearing a new outfit (pictured) and am as ready as I'm going to be.

Right now I need to concentrate on putting these compositions on boards for the presentation. Cro asked me last night what I plan to do and I didn't know what he meant. "At the presentation.", he said.

Well, I don't script it, I always find that unnatural. So I plan to take the work in on boards, have paper copies for everyone, have pdf files to send to the two people who will be joining us long-distance. Then I will briefly walk-through the work, what I did and the purpose, referring to the wireframes to make points regarding structure and functionality, answer questions as they arise, take notes if anything doesn't quite meet their needs, and hopefully succeed in knocking their socks off and exciting them about the new site development and the positive things it will bring to their efforts.

I'm shy so giving presentations is always best done just by my intimate familiarity with client goals and how the design will meet those goals. not by practicing a script of what to say and how to respond to questions. That would leave me on edge that a question I didn't plan for would be asked anyway. Going into it honestly and with open expectation regarding interaction is the best way I know to do present. :)

And on that note, I need to go mount the work on boards now. Oh oh, and I forgot my electronic key and couldn't get in until 8:00. Blah. I was here at 7 so that was a long wait. Thank goodness for a warm Jeep and good radio.


Presentation over. The client loved the work. :D YAY

*update two
The LASIK place just called, the doctor spoke with my MS doc and all is clear to go. My consultation is scheduled for November 16th. I have to give up my contacts (and wear glasses) starting tomorrow so that my eyes will be in the best possible condition by that date. I'm excited.


  1. Yay for wowing the client. And speaking of "wow," that outfit looks terrific on you. And great news on the Lasik... damn, girl, things are coming together for you!

  2. And I got three items of praise from Jack all in one post. Things must be coming together great! :) Thanks Jack.

  3. Very pretty top! I wish I could wear nice pretty stuff to work. I'm officially jealous.

  4. Thanks Donna ... I'm heading over to your paleo blog right now. :)


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