Monday, October 5, 2009

smiling photos

Photo recaps from mom&dad's visit to our place.

Here is a photos of my smiling mom snuggled up on the futon. It was so nice to have them visit ... it's been such a long time since they've made the trip north to Indy.

Dad finds a similarly snuggly place on the easy chair and is accompanied by a cool glass of iced tea. The is the evening prior to his heart procedure and you can't tell the nerves we were all feeling from the relaxed smile on his face. It was good that they spent the night with us rather than going straight to the hospital since it gave them a chance to relax and visit.

My smiling mom browses the rest of our house in a borrowed "bigshirt" from my "stuff that's now too large" collection. I think the theme is that our house is too cold! It was rather cold and I wish we had turned down the air conditioning a bit. I guess I'm used to it.

Yep, too cold in our house that day as evidenced by this photo of a smiling me (well you can't see the smile in the preview pic, but I am ... check the enlargement if you doubt) snuggled up on the futon under a throw blanket. It must not have been freezing, hence my naked tootsies:


  1. You and your family - you have a good look about you all!

  2. anne - why thank you. :) looking at us reminds me of a good day and of dad's good results at the heart hospital ... so I'm smiling again!

  3. Seeing our parents smile is one of the genuine pleasures of life. I suppose it's a little like what parents feel like when they see that their children are happy.

    Looks like a lovely visit. Happy to see it. :-)

  4. Your dad remains in my prayers. My father goes tomorrow for arteriogram and probable stent(s). My brother-in-law had a lung transplant years ago, and my mother passed away last year from plumonary fibrosis.

    I know how difficult it can be. All that matters is the time you spend together, because healthy or not, it's all we've got.

  5. JP - so true!

    Lee - ooh, prayers for your father too. I hope that all that will be required for your dad is stents if anything. It seemed to be a relatively minor procedure (if any heart procedure can be considered minor) and it did such noticeable good. My best to you and your family and I know, make every moment count because they are all we've got.

  6. Lovely family. Your mom is certainly a beautiful lady! I'm sure you loved having there. Best of luck for your father.

  7. I love the Mom & Dad & Oct pics, when are we going to get to see Mr. Oct?

    I really like your prarie girl quilt.


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