Thursday, October 8, 2009


I've been abnormally low on energy this week and a bit achy. I wonder if I'm coming down with something or if it is just allergy season. Ah well, as difficult as it has been this week, I've still gotten here my normal hour and a half before anyone else arrives. Maybe this unusual lethargy has to do with the sun rising later and later in the morning. It is still dark when I drive to work and only a few weeks ago it was as light as day at this hour.

I had to think for a moment before I posted my menu ... what day is it? Tuesday? NO! It's Thursday. That shows just how much of a drag this week has felt so far. I should be happy that it's Thursday except that I have a client presentation of a new design (that is currently still in progress) next Thursday. I very rarely have to present the work myself but as a team we decided that things go better when the designer is the one to initially present the work and answer any questions the client might have. Yes, I agree that the person who designed it is better equipped to explain rationale when presenting. So, I have to drag my art-school butt to the client's office next week, dress in a corporate manner rather than in jeans, tshirt and sandals, and be prepared to do my best to impress. Blah.

Even though you can't tell ... I am a bit excited to present my work. I always wear my heart on my sleeve though so if the client team is critical I have to be prepared to hide my feelings and turn things around. What was that Saturday morning cartoon (way back when I was a kid) which had a character who said something like *Nothing up my sleeve ... PRESTO!* ... I think it was the Bulwinkle cartoon. Yeah.

People are arriving so I guess I've typed enough and should focus on work. Have a good day everyone!


  1. Hope you get your energy back!
    The squirrel and the moose - they rock!

  2. I do a completely serious post for the first time in forever and you come with the funny stuff in the comments. Thanks for making my day!

  3. anne - moose and squirrel! (in my fake Russian accent)

    Jack - keke :D

  4. It's allergy week. Can't stop sneezing in Nashville.


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