Monday, October 5, 2009

Shake Station

I bought several Davinci sugarfree syrups recently (I'm very committed to these morning shakes that were inspired by Harry's Wowee Zowee blog).

When Cro saw them all lined up he commented that I need a wine rack. I suggested that if we moved the small shelf up a little they would fit nicely in a row against the wall, next to the blenders. Cro removed the shelf, carried it to his shop in the garage, and a little while later, voila! I have a shake station in our kitchen. Yay! It's a small thing, but I'm excited.


  1. Nice! A can foresee a new business venture here: Low Carb Carpentry!

    Hope your weeks starts off and remains well!

  2. If you think you might be a Davinciholic, there's probably a support group for that.

  3. JP - he would love that. :) I could see the spark in his eyes when he was fixing it up for me.

    Lee - I just might be. I'm certainly a protein-shake-aholic

  4. Thank God, I am not the only one with a Davinci's altar! I can tell which one is your favorite!

    By the way, I recently bought Torani's since that is what I can find locally, I don't like it as much as Davinci's.

  5. I'll post my collection, too -
    We can tell each other which ones are good,
    and which ones are not!

  6. I put a pic of my bottles and so did Sadekat.
    Didn't want your bottles to get lonesome.

  7. Sadekat - The French Vanilla? :) I've actually had that one longer than the others so it is winner by default. I was going to try the Pumpkin Pie flavor this morning but alas, I need Cro to open it because the lid is horribly stuck. I think chocolate and hazelnut together is my fav so far. :) I don't like Torani's as well either, but I've only tried the Torani Hazelnut (not as sweet as DaVinci's I think ... and I'm a sweet freak. What's your fav? Or maybe you posted it and I'm soon to find out when I visit your blog next.

    anne - ooh, I'll go check out both you and Sadekat's collections when I'm finished typing this. So far, all good! But I've only tried 3 flavors thus far. Which ones do you like most?


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