Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shakes and Yogurt

This Sunday morning started off with me finishing up Matt's film festival website. Then I mopped floors, did dishes, cleaned kitchen and dusted furniture. The regular stuff. Now I'm relaxing and thinking about what I'll have for menus for the rest of the week.

Boring stuff as usual. :) Hey, my buddy cat is a dumb-butt. I refilled his water bowl at his insistence (yeah, it already had water in it but he wanted "fresh this morning" water ... so okay. When I'm carrying the freshly filled water bowl to its spot he will run over and stand in that spot. What, does he want the water bowl to be placed on his head? I have to nudge him aside every time in order to place the bowl in its spot. Dingus.

For menus this Monday - Thursday I've decided it will be shakes and LC yogurts. I have enough yogurt for tomorrow but I will make a trip to Kroger after work to pick up some more Carb Master brand. One shake and five Carb Master yogurts will equal 25.5 carbs and 643 calories. If I choose to have two shakes and 3 yogurts that would be 30carbs and 726 calories. So I have a little variation depending on my mood for the day, which is a good plan. Tomorrow's yogurt is the higher carb variety though (the Yo-Plus is all I have left). So tomorrow will be 40.5carbs and 543calories.

Sorry for all of the adding. :)

Friday I have no plan ... but it will be low carb for sure and probably not involve yogurt, lol.

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