Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone shot the food!

Last night I got almost 8 hours of sleep for the first time in forever. I feel strange. :) Not really more rested like I thought I would ... ah well, I guess I'm programmed for 5 hours.

I went to bed at 8pm last night because I decided to have just a yogurt for dinner and I couldn't stop thinking about eating something else. Sleep put eating out of my head. I got back up at 10pm and the desire to eat was gone by then as I knew it would be. :) I spent the rest of the evening in the computer room with Cro, though I was snoozing in the "easy chair" while he raided something or the other in WoW. Or maybe he was playing oldschool Gauntlet on the emulator ... dunno. "Green elf shot the food!"

Before I left work last night I felt very good about the project I'll be presenting to a client on Thursday. I'm presenting it to the rest of the internal team this afternoon and have a few more things to finish up prior to then. It's just such a different feeling once a project is coming together well and the stress and worry dissipates. *cue A-team building-stuff montage music*

Now all I have to stress about is the team reaction. I've already gotten my creative director's comments and made a few tweaks and have gotten the senior print art director to look at it and give comments as well. The team I am presenting to this afternoon are the information architect, developer, and two account executives who will be accompanying me to the client presentation.

Oh, and I'm wearing size 1 RightFit Jeans (that's the fat girl vanity sizing). If you remember I was wearing size 3 a few months ago so I suppose this is a great victory. I have no idea what sizes mean anymore. I wear 16 in my old old fav Gap classic jeans, 14 in Tommy, 10 and should probably move down to 8 in Smith jeans, and 1 in RightFit.

It's 12:30 and I just had lunch. I was VERY VERY cranky before I ate and I'm hoping that I feel a bit lighter in mood now that I have. I'm blaming the cranky feeling on having only a protein shake and yogurt yesterday. I want so badly to be rid of the rest of this weight though. In fact I talked to myself on the way home from work, asking myself to please have a yogurt rather than the hot dinner I could have had (and that I just had for lunch). And so I complied, had a yogurt, went to bed very very hungry. The result? I've transformed into Crankenstein!!! Eek!!! Run!!!

*another update
Meeting to present my design compositions to the internal team went very well. And my mood is lots better (due to praise or due to the fact that it's now 4pm? ... maybe both!)

Tuesday sucks. :)
Just saying.


  1. Ha! Gauntlet is my all time fave game.

    When I am hungry I say, "Red Shannon Needs Food Badly!"

    Mmm sustenance!

  2. hehe, I love when video games relate to RL.


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