Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Menu

Breakfast - 15carb
[12] LC ice cream
[3] peanut butter

Lunch - 15carb
[10] a cup of Cro's homemade veggy-beef stew
[5] 1 Ferrero Roche chocolate

Dinner - 16carb
[5] shoestring jicama fries (in peanut oil)
[2] homemade horseradish dip - so good
[3] tiny amount of Dreamfields mac & cheese
[3] peanut butter
[3] Russel Stovers chocolate

TOTAL 46carb


  1. I've been inspired by Cro's veggy beef stew to make one today. I can taste it already. Yum!

  2. Can't wait to learn how it turns out. Cro's is wonderful!


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